Here's How to Quit Procrastinating and Manage Your Time While Juggling Your Job and Studies

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Studying while working full-time can be challenging as both aspects require 100% of your commitment, which means there’s no time or energy to waste. Quit procrastinating by using some of the best tips we’ve tried which can help you juggle your 9-5, crush your course work and make it for drinks with the girls.

Manage Your Time

We’re not even going to ease you into it – time management is high-key important if you want to quit procrastinating. To ensure that you’re not slacking at your job or studies, create a weekly schedule that reflects your work and academic deadlines so that you have a clear vision for your week and a good sense of what needs to be done. Splitting your work into sizeable chunks and using apps like Todoist and Wunderlist can make it easier to meet your deadlines without feeling grossly overwhelmed.

Find Your Tribe

Support is key – join a study group or find other people who are also studying and working full-time. Better yet, connect with someone who has achieved the outcome you’re working towards. Never underestimate the power of support and motivation from someone who’s gone through the same experience.

Make Your Environment Work For You

Some environments can help you focus and increase productivity and others not so much. Although working in a coffee shop sounds great, if you’re someone who gets easily distracted with people-watching, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Try creating a dedicated study space that works perfectly for you to increase your productivity.

Eliminate Procrastination Triggers

Sometimes it takes just three minutes to get distracted when you’re searching for something – oh, hello, completely unrelated YouTube video (how’d I get here?). Instead, use web blockers like Freedom and Self Control which let you limit the time you spend on certain sites, thus eliminating distractions for a set period of time.

Quit Overthinking It

Do you find yourself thinking that there will be a perfect time to do your academic tasks – maybe after that second cup of coffee or after just one Netflix episode? You’re wrong – there is no perfect time. So choose a task and get to it, girl.

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