4 Surprising Things People Thought Were a Waste of Money at Their Wedding

Number three might break your heart

While we’d all love a picturesque, Pinterest-inspired wedding – all Mason jars and fairy lights and peonies imported from wherever the f*ck one actually obtains peonies – most of us can’t afford to blow our life savings on one day. If you’re looking to cut down the costs for your own big day, why not take the advice of those who have already wasted their money on unnecessary things?

In a Business Insider article by Kristin Salaky, some pretty interesting items that people believed were a massive waste of money at their wedding came to light.

1 Wedding programmes

Alyssa Kostick, who has been married for a year, explained her feelings towards wedding programmes: ‘Ugh, programmes! Literally no-one cares. They know what’s going down.’

If you’re feeling this logic, why not opt for something simpler and far cheaper, such as a poster-sized print at the entrance, just as Kostick did. ‘Programmes were so expensive and end up crumpled and thrown away. We were able to design and print a big version for less than $20 [about R261] and no-one really missed the programme itself.’

2 Wedding favours

It might be a lovely and seemingly kind touch, but if the thought of people throwing your wedding favours into their drawer where things go to die makes you want to rage, perhaps you should bypass the favours altogether.

3 Shoes, really and truly

I know, I know, but it may not be worth it to buy a new pair of shoes. Valerie Mazza, who got married two years ago, told Business Insider that her wedding shoes were a wasteful purchase. ‘I loved them, but they were covered by my dress the whole day and I haven’t worn them since.’


4 Flowers

According to Business Insider, many couples regretted spending a fortune on flowers. While wedding blooms are often a huge focal point of the big day, you can achieve the same result without spending an absolute fortune. ‘I should have done a DIY centrepiece from Costco Floral instead of wasting money to have the florist do it. Although, I will say the bouquets were freakin’ stunning and worth every penny,’ said one women who’s just managed to justify her big spend.


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