Kickstart Your Creativity

Stop sitting around waiting for that killer concept a little lateral thinking may be the secret ingredient that lifts your presentation from mediocre to mind-blowing.

Rob Bevan and Tim Wright, co-authors of Unleash Your Creativity: Secrets Of Creative Genius (Infinite Ideas Limited), suggest that changing your point of view rearranges your physical relationship with everything around you. So the next time you want to get a better handle on a situation, they propose inspecting it from another angle. You could literally stand on a chair, or imagine yourself looking at the scenario from far away to again some mental and emotional distance and think more clearly about the possibilities open to you.

‘Often our ideas are generic and unoriginal but they’re none the worse for that they can still be very useful building blocks to play with,’ say Bevan and Wright.

It’s a great help for brainstorming ideas. They say, ‘Feed Google any term you like and it will bring you a host of sites to look at in milliseconds – chances are you’ll find something unexpected that sparks your imagination.’

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