5 Ways to Host Your BFFs on a Budget

Have fun for less!

You want to see your BFFs but your wallet says ‘no’. Invite them over and have fun at home with these ideas – even if you’re on a budget.

1 Go Old-School with a Pot-Luck

Host a pot-luck dinner night where everyone brings their own dish and you all share. It’s also a great way to try a variety of different dishes, cater for your friends’ annoying dietary requirements and avoid the disaster that is your distinct lack of crockery and serving bowls. #Win!

2 Do a DIY Spa Day

Because you can get face masks from Clicks or Dis-Chem for as little as R39,99 and your BFF can probs do your nails better than you. All you need to add is a bottle of bubbles and you’re good to go!

3 Host a Clothes Swap

Instead of going shopping with the girls and spending a ton of money, raid your closets and host a clothes swap. Get everyone to spend an afternoon bagging the items they haven’t worn recently, then have them over to share their spoils. The rules? You can take as many items as you bring to the mix, and everything should be nearly new or ‘gently worn’.

4 Do a High Tea

Because tea is affordable and – for your boozier friends – gin tastes great served in a teacup! But seriously, get everyone to bring a set of sandwiches of their choice and you can provide an array of teas.

5 Think Brunch

Breakfast foods like pancakes are affordable to create, and it’s tons of fun frying them up together. Add golden syrup and cinnamon and sugar, and you’ve got sweet toppings galore!

Plus, because it’s a morning event, serving tea and coffee as the staple drinks is ideal – and more affordable than booze.

6 Make it a Movie Night

We know, you’re not in high school any more. But still: homemade popcorn and Wonderwoman? What could be better?!

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