Got a Present You Hated? Here’s How to Make Money Out of It

Make some extra cash! 💰💰💰

We all know the feeling: you rip open a present in excitement, only to discover … socks. But instead of stuffing the present you hate into a draw, why not make some moolah from it? We call it making a new year re-sell-ution. (See what we did there?) 😉

Find the Right Re-Sell Site

Sites like Gumtree, OLX, Bidorbuy and Ananzi all see a spike in activity following the festive period and are great places to post an ad selling your goods.

Create a Great Ad:

  • Take at least one strong picture. More pics is always better – people like to see what they’re buying. Keep the pic against a plain, light background and ensure it’s well lit. Avoid glaring flash photography and try to photograph in bright, natural light.
  • Give as much info on what you’re selling as possible. This includes explaining clearly what’s included with what you’re selling, if it’s new or nearly new, if it comes with any packaging, and any helpful dimensions. Try to include details on what it’s made from, if it comes with any kind of warranty – think of all the questions you’d ask if you were looking to buy it yourself! Then add it to your ad.
  • Create a strong title for your ad – this is the first thing anyone will see, and will likely come up on search engines. Keep it clear: New Red Patent Heels from Nine West, Size 5 is a great example.
  • Explain your collection/delivery mechanism. It will always be safer for you to work via delivery using an independent courier company – just remember to build this into your price.
  • And, of course, decide on your asking price.

Stay Safe

  • Avoid posting personal info in your ad and, if possible, stick to only offering your e-mail address. This is far less invasive than your phone number, and keeps you safer against unsolicited calls.
  • Only use reputable, recognised websites like the ones mentioned above.
  • Try to arrange delivery via a courier company, so you don’t have to deal directly with a seller or have a stranger in your home to collect. Just be sure to only deliver an item once you’ve received payment.
  • If you are arranging for a possible buyer to view a product you’re selling before they purchase, or to collect from you, ensure you make the exchange in a public place. First prize would be a public coffee shop or similar – take a friend with you to ensure your safety. Other options could include your workplace while colleagues are present (though be cautious, as the buyer now knows where you work). Always let someone know your plans and check in with them when your buyer arrives and leaves.
  • If you’re making an exchange in person, requesting a cash payment means you can ensure you’re paid correctly before handing over the goods. Take the time to check you’re being paid the right amount, and that the notes aren’t counterfeit.
  • For EFT payments, never release any items until you’ve received a payment notification from your own payment. A stranger can falsify a proof of payment from their own bank.

Will I Be Charged?

Though you won’t incur costs by posting the ad on social media or classified sites (depending on whether or not you choose to boost your ad), you may incur courier costs if you opt to offer delivery.

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