Get Moving, Work It, Girl!

Make sure your boss remembers you for your great business skills.


You may want your boss to remember you – but not for your awkwardness in a business meeting or a chance out-of-office meeting. Karen Miles, co-author of Career Advice You Wish Your Mum Had Told You (Pennon Publishing), has the following advice for handling both situations in a way that impresses.


· DO be prepared – If you’re not, you’re sending the message that you don’t tale your job seriously.

· DON’T make it fun – Keep your presentation light and humorous and encourage participation. ‘But beware of too much fun – this could distract people from your message,’ Says Miles.

· DO be direct – Say what you want to say, instead of ‘I thought we should maybe do this,’ say, ‘We should try this.’


· DO acknowledge her – ‘You’ll look ridiculous if your boss spots you doing a 180-degree turn and dashing off with a full trolley,’ says Miles. But don’t chase her to the other end of the store to say hello either.

· DON’T comment on what’s in her trolley – it really isn’t any of your business, so don’t make comments about the jumbo pack of condoms in her trolley. And don’t gossip about it to colleagues later.

· DO keep it short and sweet – Just like you, your boss may not be in the mood to talk to someone from the office, so say your hellos, ask about her day and keep walking.

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