5 Future-Proof Jobs to Set Your Sights On

Future so bright 😎

When it comes to money, career and hustling, we know just how quickly industries can change.

Thanks to ever-changing tech and developments, new jobs are constantly popping up and current jobs are being redefined. A decade ago an emoji translator or 3D fashion designer might not have been mainstream jobs, but now there is someone who’s responsible for helping companies navigate the growing emoji media maze, avoiding emoji-based miscommunication and cross-cultural faux pas in their content strategies. How cool?

Not sure what your career will develop into in the next few years? Here are a few jobs and the courses you can study that could assist with bossing up your life.

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1. UX Copywriter

You’re probably familiar with copywriting for advertising markets. UX copywriters need to have the same fundamentals, such as a passion for language, solid writing skills, and an understanding that your language/writing as a UX copywriter is going to shape an experience – whether used in augmented reality or virtual reality. This career space will most likely be evolving and emerging at a fast pace so it’s great to be sharp, always upskill yourself and constantly think about how your writing can influence the design process, how your language can solve design problems and, most importantly, how your language will help the user. Essentially, you’ll be writing user experiences in a digital landscape for anything from intelligent chatbots to voice interfaces.

2. Social Media Strategist

AKA social genius! These gifted people are responsible for planning, developing and implementing a company’s overall social media strategy. A career as a social media strategist involves understanding the dynamics and power of social media and how best to use it to support marketing, branding and advertising strategies. Being data-centric means that you’ll not only be analytical and strategic, but data will inform every decision you take. No two months in your job will be the same – social media is always evolving, conversations are always unpredictable, and keeping your audience engaged is key. The power of social media is certainly not showing any signs of decreasing, so this is definitely worth exploring.

3. UX Designer

As a UX designer, you’ll be responsible for branding, design, usability and function. By relying on your web design skills you’ll create meaningful, functional and results-driven online experiences for audiences as they explore products, content and more. Usability and ensuring a good experience between the customer and product is something that we will always work on refining and improving, so this career move could mean that you’d never get stuck doing repetitive design work – your mission is literally to make sure things look great and function super-well!

4. 3D Interior Designer

The world of interior design is getting even better too! Thanks to 3D printing tech, you’ll be able to create 3D interior-design drawings and floor plans to pitch your ideas with vivid details. With 3D modelling, you’ll be able to express your creativity with the use of colour, contrast, form, shape and proportions, meaning your career path and future projects have unlimited potential.

5. Data Analyst

It’s expected that employers will increase the number of positions requiring data-analysis skills over the next few years. In this career you’ll be responsible for gathering, analysing and drawing practical conclusions from data, and communicating your findings to others. Being an analyst in this sense means that you can be useful in any industry and valuable at any organisation. Understanding data not only equips you with the ability to analyse problems in the organisation, but also how to use the data to give your company a competitive edge.

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3. University of Cape Town Web Design Online Short Course

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4. GetSmarter Interior Design Online Short Course

The need for creative commercial and living spaces has led to an increased demand for interior designers with a trained creative eye. This short course highlights why you need to strive to build environments with a specific purpose, and create functional interiors.

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5. University of Cape Town Data Analysis Online Short Course

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