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What test types are out there, when should you take them and how could taking one help you? We’ve selected the best career tests to take online; whether you’re choosing subjects to study or look into a career change we’ve got just the right test for you. And if you have no idea when the right time to take a career test is and what type of test works best for you – Find out here:


1. Identify Your Passions

The test to try: My Next Move – Interest Profiler

If you have no clue what you like and how that can be applied to getting the right career for you, this test is for you. Expect questions focused on you, what you love, and your interests.

Take it here.

2. Identify Your Skill Areas

The test to try: The Princeton Review Career Quiz

This assesses your interests and skills against your ‘style’ – the types of strengths that you can bring to a work environment. Results are based on understanding your key skill set for work; whether you fall into the expediting, communicating, planning or administrative categories, and what this means for your future choices.

Take it here.

3. Identify the Industry For You

The test to try: Sokanu

Dubbed the ‘world’s best career test’, Sokanu’s 30-minute test measures your compatibility against more than 500 career choices. It works by comparing your interests, personality, workplace preferences, history, and goals to find jobs you’ll excel in and find satisfying. Sign in and get free access to their tests.

Take it here.

4. Find Out What to Study

The test to try: Educations.com

This short personality quiz will ask simple Qs like whether you enjoy working with numbers to highlight study streams best suited to your interests and strengths.

Take it here.

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