#COSMOHustle: Experts Say This Is How to Nail Your Next Job Interview

It’s the small things that matter

There are few things as daunting as a job interview. Only after you’ve settled on the perfect outfit (which is a feat in itself), does the real work begin. Apart from the basics that we’re familiar with such as researching the company and role beforehand, there’s a lot we might not realise about the hiring process when it comes to the people on the hiring end. A recent Reddit thread called on all head hunters and job recruiters in the hopes of finding hiring hacks that will help you lock down that dream job.

1 Breathe
‘If you’re at the interview for a job with requirements, you’ve already have passed those minimum requirements. Relax a bit and try to determine if you think it’d be a good mutual match,’ says one Reddit user. If you’re feeling anxious about what’s in your CV, keep in mind that if you’ve made it this far, you’re qualified enough. Finding someone to fill a role is incredibly time consuming. If you didn’t stand a chance, they wouldn’t spend time with you on the interview process

2 Seriously, be nice
‘Be nice to everyone you encounter on your way into the interview. The receptionist, the janitor, even people outside the building who might possibly work there. They WILL talk sh*t about you if you’re a dick,’ one Redditor advises. It can be tempting to cosy up to the one person you think is the one in charge, but it’s risky business. ‘Don’t just be nice and conversational with the person you think is making the hiring decision. We had a candidate come in for a writing position and the final choice was mine. It was pretty funny to watch this one guy ignore me and try to butter up our CEO, unaware that he was digging his own grave the entire time. I’m also a woman, so I felt disrespected on that level, too.’

3 Be yourself
‘As a recruiter, the very basic question I ask myself is: Could I drink a coffee/beer with this person without having the urge to flee? Very basically, if you are not socially awkward and could be appreciated by the rest of our co-workers, it is already a huge win for you.’ Hope is not lost for those who suffer from anxiety. Keep in mind that you’re also interviewing the company from your end. Understand that you’re there because you’re qualified enough to be. Go in having done your research which helps in keeping anxiety from attacking you.

4 Be early but not too early
‘Always, always come to an interview early. If you are on time or late, a mental note has been made.’ At this point there was a mild uproar on the Reddit thread in debate of how early is too early. When you’re late, well, the tribe has most likely already spoken. Try not to be too early, as many interviewers feel pressured to stop whatever they’re doing and start the interview immediately. A safe rule is plan to arrive 20 minutes early (this gives you room for traffic or a petrol stop). You can then wait in your car until 10 minutes before the scheduled interview. Use that time to steady yourself, go over your notes and questions, and remind yourself that you are brilliant and capable.

5 Think, then speak
‘When asked a question, instead of immediately answering and trying to find the answer as you talk, pause, ask the interviewer if you can think for a second, and then give your answer. Interviewers would much rather you pause for 2-3 seconds and then give a coherent answer instead of you word vomiting and never giving the info they are looking for,’ one recruiter suggests.

6 Presentation is key
‘Always send your resume as a PDF. Word documents can be edited and look unprofessional when I have to open them on whatever version of MS office I happen to be using. Mine is probably different than the version you were using when you created it. PDFs always look good and the formatting does not change from PC to PC. If you share your Google Doc resume with me that’s almost an instant fail,’ says one Redditor.

7 Don’t let your social media screw you
‘Hide your social media profiles Or at the very least edit them when applying. If your Facebook profile pic is of you at a rave dressed as pikachu with a giant, black dildo – it does not really matter how polite you were during the interview,’ one recruiter hilariously advises.

8 Ditch the perfume
‘Be well-groomed but skip the cologne/perfume. You don’t want the interviewer to be getting a headache because of an allergy or sensitivity,’ recommends one Redditor.

9 The trauma you feel when they ask, ‘What is your greatest weakness?’
‘It’s not so much about the actual answer to the question. Rather, your ability to confront questions/situations that are uncomfortable and you may not want to answer/deal with. When asking these questions, in general, I am looking more at your attitude and composure while answering than the actual words coming out of your mouth,’ a recruiter explains

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