How to Beat Exam Stress in 5 Easy Ways

Also, a great excuse to buy new stationery ?✏️?

Beat exam stress with CNA stationery

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you realise that exams are close and you have a ton to do. Anxiety has a way of creeping up, add some procrastination to that and the night before your exam you could be scrolling Instagram and wondering how you got there. So to beat the exam stress and slay your exam here’s 5 simple things you could try:

1. Create a Study Schedule

Pretty obvious, we know. But so effective. Having a schedule that outlines your exam schedule and the time you have to prepare can make it feel a lot more manageable. 

2. Get Organised

There’s no such thing as too much stationery. Get your desk or study space prepped with notepads, colourful pens, sticky notes and more so that you have everything you need to feel in control and ready to slay. 


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3. Less Time on Your Fave Apps

Exhale, we’re not saying that you have to delete your apps, just decide for how long you’re going to be watching videos and scrolling Twitter. If you don’t trust yourself, use web blockers like Freedom and Self Control to limit your time on certain sites.  

4. Don’t Skip The Workout

Any form of exercise leading up to and during your exam period can help you focus and it will make you feel good, hello endorphins! Try this full-body workout or yoga at home. 


5. Eat Good Snacks

It’s easy to binge on sugar-filled junk when you’re studying but that might not be the best option. You want to feel refreshed and avoid the sugar crash. You could try sugar-free recipes and energy-boosting snacks

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