The best side hustles to help you secure the bag in 2020

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They are the new norm and we’ve got a list of the best side hustles to help you make money moves in 2020. Add up the hours you’ve spent binge-watching your favourite series and imagine taking all that time and channelling your energy into your side hustle? Babes, you’d be booked, busy and making moves

Take up online tutoring

You don’t have to travel across the world to teach English or any other academic subject for that matter. Being an online tutor means that you’ll make great cash and you determine exactly how many hours to pitch your services for. Plus, becoming a tutor is easier than you think.

It’s suited for you if: you’re patient, passionate about helping people and enjoy the subject matter you’re teaching. 

Be an Airbnb Experiences host

As an Airbnb Experiences host, you can create unique experiences within your city and lead people on activities you love while getting paid. What makes it special is that it’s not a typical tour, it’s designed by locals which means that each experience is unique. You could host a cooking experience, check out street art or lead a hike – there are so many options.

It’s suited for you if: you enjoy meeting new people and want to showcase things you love about your city. 

Freelance SEO consultant

In this role, you have complete freedom to work from anywhere in the world to do technical, on-page and off-page SEO practices. With a solid SEO strategy and keeping your client informed about the changes you make, you’ll soon develop a good reputation in the industry which could lead to more jobs. 

It’s suited for you if: you have a good understanding of SEO, keep up with changes in the industry and do basic technical SEO audits  

Take surveys and make cash

Being paid to share your opinion not only benefits you but companies who are searching for specific insights from consumers. There are companies that pay you for each survey you complete such as MOBROG which pays you for the length and difficulty of the survey and SurveyCompare South Africa

It’s suited for you if: you enjoy sharing your opinion 

Sell your art

Let your talent bring in the money. Whether its photography or drawings, you can sell your art online. Stores like Superbalist often call on the public to submit their art for a chance to be featured and sold on the site, so keep a lookout for that.

It’s suited for you if: you want to get more people to know about your art

Web design

If you have programming or web design experience you can be a freelance web designer from the comfort of your couch (often where the best side hustles and you can determine when and how long you spend on a project. Freedom is endless, especially when you can choose to freelance for big businesses or individual clients.  

It’s suited for you if: you like working on new design concepts in various industries or for varying clients 

Simple tips for the best side hustles ever

  • Start small: keep to a few services and once you repeat clients you can extend the scope of your work
  • Research your rate: factor in your past experience and education 
  • Know your competition: do some research but don’t get dissuaded by the competition

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