This is The Most Annoying Phrase You Can Use in a Work Email, Apparently

Note to self: avoid avoid avoid

Sending emails at work is nuanced with unwritten rules, unofficial etiquette and office politics that no one is ever really taught. Instead, you’re just sort of expected to understand it.

Are you meant to put kisses with your sign off? How soon is too soon to send a follow up? Should you ever BCC someone in, without the other person knowing? It’s a minefield.

Thankfully, a new survey from Adobe reveals the phrases you should try to avoid in your next email chain, if you’re planning on not annoying everyone in it.

The software company surveyed 1,000 officer workers (site note: admittedly not the largest survey, but still worth taking note of), asking what they thought the most irritating phrases to receive in an email are.

A quarter of people felt that being reminded of an email they hadn’t got back to was the most annoying thing, while many others disliked phrases beginning with “As” or “Per…”

The phrase to avoid if you don't want to annoy people in work emails


You can see the full list of annoying email phrases below:

  • Not sure if you saw my last email… 25% thought this was most annoying
  • Per my last email… 13% thought this was most annoying
  • Per our conversation… 11% thought this was most annoying
  • Any updates on this? 11% thought this was most annoying
  • Sorry for the double email 10% thought this was most annoying
  • Please advise. 9% thought this was most annoying
  • As previously stated… 9% thought this was most annoying
  • As discussed… 6% thought this was most annoying
  • Re-attaching for convenience. 6% thought this was most annoying

The majority of these phrases are seemingly used to speed up someone else’s workflow, or to remind them or something that they perhaps haven’t done yet. So next time you’re in need of an answer from someone at work? You probably want to leave these phrases out, to avoid any passive aggressive responses.


This post first appeared in Cosmopolitan.UK