7 Ways to Position Yourself for a Promotion

#GirlBoss in no time!

You’ve been working your ass off and you know you deserve that killer promotion. Here’s how to make your boss know it, too.

1. Find a mentor

Having a mentoring relationship with someone in a superior position can be invaluable. Not only do you have someone to learn from but you have someone to spread the good word about you to the rest of the higher-ups.

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2. Keep tabs on your successes

You can make an even better case for yourself when you can provide detailed information about what you’ve already done to improve the company. If you can prove that you get results, you’ll be noticed.

3. Promote yourself

You’ve been taught that nobody likes a brag but in the workplace you kind of have to. If nobody knows how great you are, how are you ever going to get ahead? Sell yourself as someone worth buying.

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4. Try to be a positive person

People want to work around happy people, and too many offices are full of nothing but complaints. If you’re positive, your superiors know that you’re someone who sees opportunities instead of obstacles.

5. Under-promise; over-deliver

If you take on more than you can handle, the work you produce simply won’t be a reflection of your best. Rather take on an amount of work you know you can complete properly, and then do more! Your extra effort will definitely be noticed.

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6. Be professional – always

Earn a reputation for being a dependable member of your company. Be cooperative when you’re asked to do certain tasks, and ask questions when you’re not quite sure how to do something. Stand out from everyone else.

7. Ask!

If your boss doesn’t know you want a promotion, your chances of getting one are significantly lowered. Put yourself out there a bit, and make people know that you want it. If your company is scared of losing you (and, if you’re working incredibly hard, they will be), the promotion becomes an even bigger possibility.

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