7 Ways to Make Cash On the Side

Make that moolah with the time you have!

Can’t switch jobs but need to make extra cash? Try these side hustles for ad-hoc injections into your bank account.

If you’re a student…

The Gig: Campus assistant

Sometimes you don’t have to look too far afield to earn some cash – try your very own campus! Whether you’re a library assistant, tutor, lab guinea pig or a consultant at your university’s writing centre, you can earn a substantial amount of money and add weight to your CV.

The best part? You don’t even have to travel to your job, so everything you earn gets pocketed. Head to your university’s website, or check bulletin boards on campus to see if there any openings available.

The pay: From R3000 p/m for a part-time tutoring job and R5000 p/m for a more permanent post (like a library assistant).

The Gig: Private tutor

You probably have a subject that you’re brilliant at, and you can pretty much guarantee that there’s someone on your campus willing to pay you for that skill. If there’s a first-year class you aced, consider tutoring that subject on a one-on-one basis.

Not ready to tutor at varsity level? How about matric subjects you excelled at? Build a network and reference base by registering on a site like Student.co.za, Firsttutors.com or Teachme2.co.za. Once you’ve got enough clients, think about turning private to avoid paying an agency commission.

The pay: From R100 to R170 p/h.

If you can spare evenings…

The Gig: Online freelancer

There’s big money in the online freelance world (focus on international clients so most of your jobs will be paid in pounds and dollars). Plus, you can work from anywhere and keep your own hours. Websites like Fiverr.com, Freelancer.co.za and Upwork,com will put you into contact with people in need of your particular service.

It’s not just for writers – you can offer just about anything. Perhaps you’re a brilliant web designer, you really know your way around PhotoShop, or you have a knack for writing poems. Whatever your gimmick, there’s someone on the Internet who’s willing to pay you for it (because, you know, it’s the Internet).

The pay: Depending on your project and skill – some freelancers charge per word or per design, for example, while others bill per project.

The Gig: Survey taker

Taking a survey is actually really fun – and your thoughts can mean a lot to someone. Sites like Surveywell.co.za, Surveysavvy.com and Mindswarms.com literally pay you for your opinion. Signup is free, and you have the potential to earn an insane amount of money for 10 to 15 minutes of work. Mostly published by research and marketing companies, these surveys actually need your feedback for product research and improvement.

Our favourite part: you can complete the surveys from your bed, in your PJs. Win! All you need is access to the Internet, an email account and resilience to receiving a fair amount of spam emails afterwards.

The pay: Anywhere between R50 to R500 per survey

The Gig: Social media assistant

This is one of those jobs that didn’t even exist a few years ago, but now it’s super sought after for every single company. If you’re always-on, you could be exactly what a business is looking for to keep them on the pulse via social media. Just make sure you have a knack for short, snappy writing (and you know your grammar), and you’re clear with potential employers the hours you can commit (eg weeknights, 7pm-9pm, to work around your full-time job).

Start by registering your CV for free on a job portal like Bizcommunity.com, which is a great resource for a wealth of other creative jobs, too.

To really get noticed, do some research and try cold-calling small businesses that you feel could benefit from having you on their social-media team.

The pay: From R70 to R100 p/h, depending on your experience.

If you can spare weekends…

The Gig: Pet or house sitter

If taking care of someone’s kids isn’t for you, pet sitting could be your calling. Human babies are cute and all, but come on – kittens! And if you’re allergic to cats? Try house sitting instead. Register on a site like Student.co.za or Occupied.co.za (this site only accepts applicants over the age of 23) to get connected with clients who need pet or house sitters.

You can always create a Facebook page to advertise your services by yourself, but going through a professional portal offers an added level of security, plus they’ll take care of all the admin.

The pay: From R70 for one pet visit to R145 per night for staying over (don’t forget you’re getting free accommodation with this, too!).

The Gig: Just about anything!

Whether you’re a student or have been working for years, sign up for free at Rent-a-student.co.za and you’ll receive alerts for short-term jobs all over the country. From distributing flyers to seasonal waitressing jobs, Rent-a-student.co.za provides a safe platform that easily matches you to casual jobs – including weekend gigs if you’re working full-time but need extra cash for your Holiday Fund. Even better: as the site is a not-for-profit, they don’t charge you any fees or commission for jobs you work.

The pay: Depending on the jobs you take. Pay is typically by the hour and is in line with industry standards and the legal minimum wages set out by the government. If you’re waitressing or taking hospitality jobs, you can also earn extra via tips!

Looking to switch careers but lack experience? Find your dream internship (that pays!)

If experience and getting a foot through a new door is what you’re after, rather than simply earning a few bucks, log onto Internships-sa.co.za. It’s an amazing resource when it comes to finding short- and longer-term internships in a wealth of industries. Currently they’re advertising internships for top brands like Spree, Mr Price and Revlon. You can also find graduate training programmes and learnerships.

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