7 Things Successful Women Always Do

How does she do it?

What sets a seriously successful woman apart from the rest? It could be down to these seven traits.

1. They take responsibility and hold themselves accountable for their own actions. No excuses here – successful women know that they’re fully in control of their own lives. They won’t place the blame on others, but take responsibility when they know they have to.

2. They play to their strengths. They know what they’re good at, and they aren’t shy to admit it. They understand that they’re allowed to be good and tell people they’re good. A successful woman knows she’s an asset to any business. Because she knows it, everyone around her does, too.

3. They’re willing to learn. Even though successful women certainly know more than enough about their fields of interest, they’re always seeking out new information and asking for help. They know you can never be too knowledgeable.

4. They take their goals seriously. They don’t just have big plans to Do Something – they actually do it. Successful people commit to their goals and carry them out as best they can. Whether it succeeds or not, they’ll continue to work towards it. It gives them purpose and drive.

5. They work damn hard. Nobody who’s in a position of power got there by accident. Success and laziness don’t go well together (sadly). Hard work is really the only way to get there, so successful women put in the necessary time and effort.

6. They know when to say ‘no’ (and that they’re allowed to say ‘no’). They won’t agree to any commitments that add zero value to their lives, and they won’t take on more than they can handle for the sake of impressing. They know time is precious.

7. They make mistakes. Often. And when they do, it doesn’t put them off from powering onto the next thing. They learn from their mistakes instead of chalking them up as a full-on fail. When they screw up, they just feel more equipped with the knowledge of how to do better next time.

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