5 Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile to Help You Get Hired

It’s the e-way to show off your CV. Do it right!

Not on LinkedIn? Start by signing up, here! It’s the e-way to show off your CV credentials and get spotted by potential employers.

Signed up? Now follow these five steps…

1 Choose the right profile pic

No, not that one you took in the gym mirror. And not that one with you dressed up for a Tinder date, either. Opt for a plain, clear background and show your face clearly: smiley and friendly are ideal.

Avoid picturing anyone else in your image (so not that one of you with your BFFs or pet pug), and ensure you’re wearing something you’d be happy to rock up to a job interview in.

2 Make sure all of your info is added

Potential employers use LinkedIn to gather information, so give them as much info as possible! Add your schools and key exam subjects. Add all your employer history, including your job title, how long you were there for and your key areas of responsibility.

An incomplete profile won’t give a recruiter all the info they’re looking for and, like an unfinished CV, doesn’t make you look professional, slick or like you pay attention to detail.

3 Add external links or a portfolio

So you say you’re a makeup artist? Upload pics from your portfolio or add a click-through URL to your personal website. Got a great celeb news blog? Share its content to that section on your profile. It’s not enough to say what you do – show it!

Add relevant docs, pics or links to the corresponding job title you add to your profile. That way, it’s easier for recruiters and head hunters to navigate.

4 Write a killer bio

According to William Arruda, Forbes.com contributor, great LinkedIn bios cover these key topics:

  • Your most important accomplishments
  • Your values and passions
  • Your superpowers (for example, the skills you rock at)
  • Facts, figures and stats (to justify all of your above claims)
  • Differentiation (what makes you different from everyone else?)
  • External validation, like soundbites or short testimonials from others who’ve worked with you

5 Publish and post relevant content

Just like any other social-media platform, the more active you are, the more likely you’ll get noticed. And being active with irrelevant content won’t help you: you need to be posting and sharing content that fits your industry and the type of recruiter or company you want to notice you.

Trying to get into fashion? Share your latest style blog posts and write apt, intelligent commentary on industry-relevant news and changes. But steer clear of political, religious or controversial posts (unless you’re trying to be headhunted in those areas, of course).

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