5 Things Your Boss Wants You to Stop Doing NOW

For starters, stop being late!

Because impressing your boss is key to your #CareerGoals: that raise, promotion or glowing reference when you move on to a new gig. Here are five things COSMO managers and bosses dislike in staffers. Take notes, don’t do ’em, rock on!

1 Rocking up late

‘Every now and then, because traffic, is okay. But being perpetually late tells me that either you’re disorganised AF, or don’t care. Neither look great, and neither fill me with confidence to allocate new responsibilities or roles to you.’ – Rose Kotze, head of digital content

2 Leaving at 5pm on. The. Dot

‘I have no problem with people leaving at 5pm, or even early, if there’s no work to be done. But if we’re overloaded? Someone’s got to do the work – and it’ll probably be me if my team doesn’t get involved! Everyone pitching in and staying until the job is done shows a great team spirit, willingness to put in extra effort and a can-do, flexible attitude that I look for when I’m promoting. Those are some of the characteristics that make a good manager.’ – Sarah Browning-de Villiers, deputy editor

3 Bringing your personal sh*t to work

‘I love that at COSMO we feel like a family, and that means sharing our personal lives with our co-workers. But you have to know where to draw the line: you can’t let a fight with bae make you snappy and short with everyone at work. Be real and honest at the office, but understand that you still need to be professional, reliable and contribute to a positive, healthy work environment. The employees who can’t draw this line don’t tend to get promoted. Any business needs higher-ups who they can rely on, even if the sh*t is hitting the fan for them at home. If things are really bad, do the professional thing and take some leave, so you can deal and return to work ready to kick ass again.’ – Holly Meadows, head of commercial content

4 Delivering only on your deliverables

‘People who go above and beyond always stand out. Sure, we all need to achieve our deliverables – that’s the basics of doing a good job – but if someone comes to me with a great idea, outside of their remit, I not only respect their input and proactivity, but I earmark them for growth beyond their current role. Going above and beyond and taking initiative also allows an employee to shine outside of their job description, which is great if they’re looking to grow in a company or role.’  – Kerrie Simon-Lawrence, acting editor

5 Passing the blame

‘If something was your mistake, own it! We all eff up, but less of us are willing to step up and admit we were wrong. Not only does it ease team tensions (because no-one likes being blamed for something that wasn’t their fault), but it shows a level of maturity and strong values that I look for when promoting or rewarding staff. And besides, the sooner you own up, the easier and quicker it often is to fix the mistake and move on! Being part of the resolution also gives you incredible learning opportunities for next time.’ – Kim van der Linden, head of operations and special projects

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