5 Reasons to Add This Store Account to Your #MoneyGoals Toolkit

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Times are tough. Everyone’s feeling the pinch. Economists are saying that SA got off to a good start for 2019 but we’re still dealing with some hectic realities. Rising unemployment rates, low investor confidence, budget cuts – it’s enough to get depro, but we’re not about that life. We’re all about making smarter money decisions. Here’s why we think a Pick n Pay Store Account is one of those smart decisions.

1 Swipe for the essentials

You weren’t imagining it. A Pick n Pay Store Account lets you buy what you need using your store card at any Pick n Pay nationwide, including Clothing and Hypermarkets. With this account, you can stock up your wardrobe and even buy appliances like fridges and TV’s without forking out any cash. We know what you’re thinking – you could use your credit card for that. But wait, point 2’s going to tell you more.

2 It’s the smart kind of credit

With the Pick n Pay Store Account, you get up to 55 days interest free if your balance is paid in full and on time each month. So here’s the hack. Buy whatever you need using your Store Account, then at the end of the month, pay the balance in full. Not only will you pay 0% interest, but you’ll also have full credit available to use for the new month. Paying what you owe means you’ll be building up a good credit score.

3 Future-proof your finances

Have an interest-earning savings account? You can take full advantage of this up to 55 days interest free account by depositing your projected grocery spend into your savings account while you use your Pick n Pay Store Account to make purchases. You can then earn interest on your savings for up to 55 days. Smart right?

4 Bye bye hidden fees

We’re so over fees. Like in general, ain’t nobody got time for them. That’s why we’re here for the Pick n Pay Store Account. Here’s the list of transactions you won’t have to pay: transaction charges, joining fees, set-up fees, admin fees or mandatory insurance. There’s only one monthly service fee of R10 and this is not charged if there is no outstanding balance and no account activity.

5 We’re suckers for good point systems

We’re all for Pick n Pay’s Smart Shopper system – it’s like being rewarded for shopping! You use your Pick n Pay Store Account in tandem with your Smart Shopper card so you can earn points even when you’re buying on credit. P.S. you can even use your points to pay towards your installments. Yes, please!

How to apply for a Pick n Pay Store Account:

  1. SMS ‘PnP’ to 30087*
  2. Call 0861 555 995
  3. Leave your details at the Pick n Pay Money counter
  4. Follow this link

For more information, visit pnp.co.za or follow Pick n Pay on social media:

Facebook: @PicknPay

Twitter: @PicknPay

Instagram: @picknpay

*Standard SMS rates apply

*RCS is a registered credit and authorised financial services provider. NCRCP 38. FSP 44481. Ts and Cs apply.

This post is sponsored by Pick n Pay.

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