4 Side Hustles to Help You Make Extra Money

Secure the bag, honey. 💸💸💸

The festive season is around the corner which means brunching, parties and gifting. This can be incredible just after payday, however, those bank notifications can leave you feeling a little dizzy a little into the month. That’s why you may want to consider some side hustles to keep your pockets a little more liquid than usual. More money? Yes, please!


Need Some Extra Cash? Here Are Some Side Hustles To Make Bank

Tastemakers Africa

Love to shop? Well, there is a side hustle for that. Tastemakers Africa is a platform that links locals and tourists to a unique curated local experience. As a tastemaker, you would be required to show tourists a carefully crafted experience in the city. Take tourists shopping at your favourite thrifting nook or take a train to go have the best meal by the sea-side and end the day with a scenic rooftop party. It’s all up to you. The better time your guests have the better your chances of getting accepted as a curator

According to Business Insider SA, you could earn up to 15-20% of the booking fee which could look like R100 000. Yes, babes!


Now we all hate filling in surveys but if you getting paid to do so… well, that might change your mind. This is also a fun way to help others with their research. You see? Doing some good in the world can pay off. You can sign up for free on sites such as surveywell.co.za and surveysavvy.com. This is a great quick way to make some money by just expressing your opinion. Got internet access? 15- 20 minutes? Then get yourself paid. Prices can range from R50 – R600 per survey.


Freelancing on the interwebs

This is a really cool opportunity to earn some extra cash as a proofreader, writer or web designer. Depending on the brief you can earn extra cash by taking on some extra work. This solely depends on the need but you can keep your ears to the ground. Have a look at websites like Freelancer.co.za and Upwork.com will put you into contact with people in need of your particular service. It may need some trial and error but it could mean some good cash for you.

House Sitting

This can be a great way to make some money and do some window shopping for your dream home and get paid for it. Register on a site like Student.co.za or Occupied.co.za (this site only accepts applicants over the age of 23) to get connected with clients who need house sitters. You can also use social media to up your chances of being picked by families, so make sure you clean up your act on social media to ensure you are picked.


Secure the bag, babes! We have a long festive season ahead.

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