11 Struggles You'll Only Understand If You Work Weekends

ROFLLL when people mention “9-5”! What does that mean?!

The weekend working struggle is so real.

1. When everyone on your timeline starts with the ‘FriYAY’ posts, you’re just like… YEAH, WHATEVER.


2. You create your own version of the weekend during the week. Tuesdays are so the new Saturday, anyway.

3. Constantly being the party pooper at the best friends hangout. Because, yes, even on a Saturday, you have to go home early and get some sleep. *sigh*


4. ROFLLLL when people mention ‘9-5’! Whaaat does that mean?!

5. When someone says ‘enjoy your weekend’ at the end of a conversation. But did you not hear me say ‘Sunday chills’ means nothing to me?


6. Missing all the great work events because you’re holding down the fort. Fabulous.

7. Missing out on all the awesome family braais, birthdays and big blowouts BECAUSE YOU’RE WORKING. 


8. When your mother starts to throw shade because you missed yet another cousin’s birthday celebration. Like… Are we doing this again?

9. Torturing yourself by monitoring people WHO *ACTUALLY* HAVE LIVES on Snapchat.


10. When your 9-5-five-days-a-week friends talk about how tiring and hectic their jobs are..

11. When a public holiday falls on day you already had off.


This post originally appeared on cosmopolitan.com/ng

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