10 Tips to Survive Until Payday

Window shopping is out!

Getting to payday can feel near impossible (hurry up, already!).

Here are some ways to make the wait feel less painful:

  1. Switch out bought lunches for a loaf of bread that will last you the week and a tub of spread, like Bovril, that’ll last just as long.
  2. Try to cook in bulk, preparing a meal that’ll last all week. This will save you electricity, reduce the amount of groceries you need and ensure you’ve got food pre-prepped to avoid splurging on takeaways.
  3. Swap fancy coffees for the office’s free granules.
  4. Tap water is your BFF! Goodbye, fizzy drinks, expensive juices and takeaway coffees.
  5. Offer to have friends over (BYOB) rather than meeting them out for after-work drinks.
  6. Avoid the mall – because window shopping is pure torture when you’re cash-strapped (and you’re tempting fate, right?).
  7. Eat breakfast at home. Not only is this the healthy thing to do, but you’re likely to reduce cravings for snacks and bought food for the rest of the day.
  8. Don’t grocery shop hungry! You’re far more likely to buy food you don’t need if you’re nursing hunger pains while you shop.
  9. Try cash only. Withdraw what you have left until payday and then stick to cash-only payments. You may find you’re more aware of what you’re spending – and your budget – and become better at cutting back on splurging.
  10. Turn off your data. If you pay-as-you-go, avoid topping up by turning off your mobile data and only accessing the Internet when you’re on free Wi-Fi.

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