10 Things Successful People Do Before Breakfast

What successful people do to jump-start the day productively.

Recent research by time-management expert Laura Vanderkam has been published, to unveil what successful people do to jump-start the day productively. Here are some of her findings:

1. Make their bed after waking up, because it has been linked to increased productivity and can help trigger other good habits.

2. Exercise, because it helps reduce stress later on in the day and leaves no excuses for running out of time at the end of an office day.

3. Pen a to-do list, using the morning to do big-picture thinking and strategise.

4. Work on a personal passion project, like writing a novel or painting.

5. Wake up early. In a recent poll by Vanderkam, most CEOs are awake before 6am.

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6. Drink water, because it helps kick-start your metabolism, feel more alert and rehydrates your body.

7. Use your mornings to work on the most high-priority task for the day, because this is when your attention is your own and at its optimal.

8. Spend time with family, like cooking breakfast or helping your children get dressed.

9. Read the news like it’s a pre-breakfast ritual – whether it’s Twitter, Flipboard or a good old paper.

10. Network – mornings are a good time to brainstorm and set up meetings with clients or colleagues over breakfast.

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