Silly Mistakes You Need to Stop Making on Your CV

Do not be tempted to include a selfie

In a recent AskReddit thread, someone asked for tips from company hiring managers on what mistakes are most commonly made on a CV. Apart from the obvious (spelling errors and poor layout), there are other mistakes you might not even know you’re making. You can thank us when you’re CEO.

1 Using an unprofessional email address

If your email address hasn’t been updated since you were 14 and is something along the lines of fairypixie420@yahoo.com, you’re not doing yourself any favours. First impressions are everything, so choose a professional email address. Like, your first name followed by your surname, for instance.

2 Poor grammar

I’m not going to dedicate an entire point to the fact that you should be using spellcheck. We all know this. What we often tend to overlook is our grammar. Ask someone you trust – who has a good command of the language – to read it before sending it out.


3 Don’t list every job you’ve ever had

‘Don’t list too many jobs without giving a timeline of when you worked there,’ explains one hiring manager. ‘If you list 10 different places you’ve worked and you’re only 20, we’re going to worry that you either got fired or quit most of them. It would be better to list the job that you had the best position at, or have the best references at.’

4 Or every tiny accomplishment you’ve ever had at a job or at school

The hiring manager goes on to say. ‘It’s going to get skimmed, it just adds filler to the resume, and it implies that you really don’t have anything else to say. I don’t care that you played the trumpet in band and your school came in 2nd place in the state finals. Just list relevant work experience.’

5 Don’t underestimate the importance of a cover letter

‘If you don’t have a cover letter, then you need to have something similar in the body of the e-mail you send. It doesn’t have to be as formal or as long as a cover letter, but it should at least be professional. If you just write, “Here U go” we’re going to think you don’t know how to handle proper business correspondence.’

6 If you’re going to include a photo in your CV, think very carefully

‘Make it either professional or friendly. It’s better to have no picture than a picture that you took using your bathroom mirror with your cellphone,’ explains the manager. ‘Look happy in your photo. I once saw an attached picture of a guy trying to look tough and flexing his muscles. Unless you’re applying as a bodyguard, just no.’


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