Your Horoscope for the Week of October 22

Everything you need to know for the upcoming week

Libra season comes to a close on Tuesday, when the sun begins its tour of the Scorpio stars! Wednesday’s night sky holds the annual full moon in Taurus, giving us the change we need. Expect a sexy weekend after Friday’s sun/Venus conjunction in intimate and passion-fueled Scorpio. Keep reading for your horoscope for the week of October 22.


Aries horoscopes.

You’re allowed to feel uncertain about romance and love, Ram. Scorpio season’s start on Tuesday continues the experiences that help you understand your heart’s desire. Wednesday’s full moon will give you a boost of financial abundance, while the weekend could have you nostalgic for a lover from your past: Did things not work out simply due to the timing, or do you need to move on for good?


Taurus horoscopes.

Ready to romance, Taurus? Scorpio season helps you deepen current partnerships or prepare for a special someone. Wednesday’s full moon shines for you, offering closure where you need it so your heart can be more open to love fully in the present. The weekend has a powerful opposites-attract chemistry, and an unlikely opportunity could impact your heart.


Gemini horoscopes.

Ready for a clean slate? Scorpio season’s start on Tuesday is your capstone to last year’s commitment to health and wellness. Wednesday’s full moon is in your closure sector, so work to release low-level things holding you back from starting fresh. The weekend continues your growth through heartfelt dialogues and the power of compassion.


Cancer horoscopes.

Live and love out loud, Cancer! Tuesday’s start to Scorpio season wants you to leave the crab shell at home so you can feel confident, happy, and optimistic about your life. Wednesday’s full moon shines for your friendships and social support. The weekend is a fun and creative one—don’t be afraid to flaunt your flirtatious charm and charisma.


Leo horoscopes.

Who’s in your royal family, Leo? On Tuesday, Scorpio season opens the door to experiences with your family, home, and safety. Wednesday’s full moon in your career sector will inspire transitions in your professional life. Heading into the weekend, lovely, cozy nights in with Netflix could be just the activity for you.


Virgo horoscopes.

Use your words, Virgo! Scorpio season on Tuesday has you practicing direct communication—be proactive yet kind about speaking your truth. Wednesday’s full moon has you feeling the magic of optimism, travel, and expansion, so follow what your heart is telling you. This weekend reminds you that straight talk leads to straight understanding.


Libra horoscopes.

All that birthday cash burning a hole in your pocket? Scorpio season has you cherishing your values, finances, and material things. Indulge wisely! The sexy full moon lights up your Wednesday evening, so pursue all your erotic desires. The weekend invites you to luxurious self-care and sensual play. Enjoy!


Scorpio horoscopes.

Happy Birthday, Scorpio! May all your dreams come true. Wednesday’s full moon will be the best time to express your romantic desires—manifest optimistic values about love, whether that’s a relationship ending or a new beginning. This weekend will point you in the right direction on love, so check in with your intuition.


Sagittarius horoscopes.

It’s time to rest, Sagittarius—a sabbatical month of recharging, self-care, and closure begins on Tuesday. Wednesday’s full moon gives you insight into the gift of routine and consistency. What can you work on every day to help your life work every day? This weekend is a tender, sensitive one, so avoid taking things personally.


Capricorn horoscopes.

Relationships determine your quality of life, Capricorn, and you’ll know this well when Scorpio season starts on Tuesday. After working your butt off, you want to connect with your friends—the full moon on Wednesday invigorates you with confidence and passion. Look forward to reuniting with old friends over the weekend.


Aquarius horoscopes.

Werk, water-bearer! Scorpio season lights up your ambition and competency at work—you’ll be the MVP of the office. The full moon on Wednesday brings up feelings about home and family—reach out to them. Reflect this weekend on the values behind your ambition, then network with people in the field who believe in your mission.


Pisces horoscopes.

Safe travels, Pisces! Scorpio season gets the jet-setting wheels turning, and you’re off to far corners of the intellectual or international worlds. A full moon on Wednesday has you elevating the way you think and communicate to handle all the expansion. An admirer could catch your eye this weekend!

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