Your Horoscope for the Week of March 4

Everything you need to know for the upcoming week.

Good things come in threes, right? Up first is Mercury turning retrograde in Pisces on Tuesday. We’ll be given the opportunity to reflect, slow down, and incorporate key learnings from the last few months into our decisions. Then, innovative Uranus enters practical Taurus on Wednesday, which shakes up our attachment to money and security. Finally, a Pisces new moon on Wednesday delivers the cosmic reset we need.


Let’s get surreal, Aires! Mercury will retrograde in your psychic and spiritual zone, so get in touch with the mystical on Tuesday. Dismiss nothing as coincidence! Uranus enters your income zone on Wednesday, helping you strategize new ways of earning—is it time to think about self-employment? The new moon asks you to initiate closure where you need it.


Reunion season! Mercury will retrograde on Tuesday in your friendship zone, helping you reconnect with friends from the past. It also could trip up communication with them, so don’t make assumptions or take anything too personally. Uranus enters your sign on Wednesday—get comfortable with change. And the new moon wants to hear intentions on friendship and activism. Take it to the streets!


Hurry up and wait, Gemini. Mercury will retrograde in your career sector, helping you polish off details and catch up on projects. Uranus enters your spirituality zone, so get in touch with the mystical in new ways, and on Wednesday, the new moon listens to your intentions on how you can be helpful at work.


Mercury will retrograde on Tuesday, helping you integrate the lessons of this year more deeply so you make wiser decisions. Uranus enters your friendship zone on Wednesday, and you’ll connect with friends who inspire growth. The new moon on Sunday wants to hear your intentions when it comes to travel and education—pack your bags, and enjoy!


Mercury will retrograde in your intimacy zone on Tuesday, helping you let partners see the realest, most imperfect—but beautiful—dimensions of you. Then, on Wednesday, Uranus shakes up your career in wonderful ways. The new moon wants you to set your most honest intentions on sex, relationship commitment, and growth.


The ghosts of lovers past return, Virgo! When Mercury retrogrades in your romance sector on Tuesday, you’ll have the opportunity to revisit, renew, or release yourself from love. Uranus moves into your education and travel sector on Wednesday, inspiring big thinking, and the new moon asks for your intentions on romance. Think about who you want to be and what you want to receive in your relationships!


Organize and prioritize, Libra! Mercury retrogrades in your wellness sector on Tuesday, inspiring you to focus on self-improvement. Uranus moves into your intimacy zone, and the new moon wants to hear your intentions on personal growth so you can be the best version of yourself!


You’re a creative, Scorpio, and Mercury retrogrades in your artistic and confidence zone on Tuesday, helping you realize just how talented you really are. Uranus shakes up your romances, so you might see friends from a more romantic POV. And then, the new moon asks you to stop comparing yourself to others—there’s no one like you, so act like it!


Mercury is backspinning in the areas of shelter, family, and emotional safety on Tuesday, helping you redecorate, refine, and renovate. Uranus enters your health zone, inspiring holistic and integrative wellness practices. Finally, the new moon wants your intentions on home—whether that’s staying or going—and any family who may need forgiveness.


Speak up, Capricorn! Mercury will retrograde in your communication sector on Tuesday, helping you find the right words to express yourself. Uranus enters your courage and confidence zone so you can showcase your talents, and the new moon is listening to how you listen and speak. Offer intentions that’ll help you do both beautifully!


Rein it in, Aquarius! Mercury will retrograde in your income zone on Tuesday, so you’ll want to be financially responsible and thoughtful. Uranus shakes up your home and family sector on Wednesday, helping you move and strengthen family bonds. Set integrity-driven intentions on money for the new moon—make your finances work for you, not the other way around.


Happy birthday, Pisces! Mercury will retrograde in your sign, helping you find creative ways to surrender the past and be here in the “now.” Uranus enters your communication sector, motivating you to strengthen those skills in new ways. Wednesday’s new moon is your new year and your time to share your dreams with the universe!

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