Your horoscope for the week of March 15

Everything you need to know for the upcoming week.


Your horoscope for this week: Happy Spring! Thursday, March 19th is the first day of Aries Season and the Spring Equinox. Then on Sunday, March 21st, taskmaster Saturn enters Aquarius, where it’ll stay for the next two and a half years. This transit will help the zodiac reimagine activism, community, and friendship.


Happy *almost* Aries Season, ram! With Wednesday kicking off your birthday celebrations, you’re back and burning brighter than ever. On Sunday, responsible Saturn enters your Aquarius-ruled community and friendship sector until 2024, helping you find your loyal ride-or-dies and align with political causes you’re passionate about.


Chill, Taurus. When Aries Season starts on Wednesday, you’ll want to give yourself permission to rest, recharge, and release yourself from whatever doesn’t serve you. Strict Saturn enters your Aquarius-ruled career sector until 2024 on Sunday, giving you even more ambition, skills, and follow-through to make your professional dreams come true.


Clock out, Gemini! Aries Season’s start on Wednesday takes you out of work and puts you back in your social circuit so you can reconnect with friends. Disciplined Saturn enters Aquarius on Sunday in your sector of education and travel and stays there until 2024. Get comfortable having your passport in one hand and a best-selling book in the other!


You better werk, Cancer! On Wednesday, Aries Season begins and sets your career sector on fire in the best way. You’ll be your best, most adaptable, hardworking self. Saturn enters your Aquarius-ruled intimacy sector on Sunday and stays there until 2024, helping you strengthen the ways you connect with others, romantically and sexually.


Look again, Leo! Aries Season’s start on Wednesday wants you to explore familiar places with new eyes, so you can see things hidden in plain sight. Your romances are about to get strengthened, thanks to hardworking Saturn. The ringed planet enters your Aquarius-ruled romance sector on Sunday and stays there until 2024. Be willing to try new things in your love life instead of sticking to your usual ‘type,’ your favourite apps, and your go-to bar.


Dive in, Virgo! When Aries Season begins on Wednesday, you’re ready to go deep on committed relationships. Your routine’s getting a boost when taskmaster Saturn enters your Aquarius ruled health sector on Sunday. Until 2024, Saturn will strengthen your willingness to cultivate mind, body, spirit health proactively.


It takes two…or more, Libra! Aries Season’s start on Wednesday means you’ve got a ton of cuties in your DMs. Be willing to experiment with opposites-attract style chemistry. On Sunday, hardworking Saturn enters your Aquarius ruled-self-esteem zone until 2024, helping you take responsibility for your own confidence and sense of security.


It’s all the details, Scorpio! When Aries Season starts on Wednesday, you’ll be focused on your micro-routine—think your bedtime, flossing habits, and workout sched—for macro results. Powerful Saturn enters your Aquarius-ruled home and family sector on Sunday. Until 2024, Saturn will help you work even harder to find the situations, people, and places that feel like home.


You’re all that, Sagittarius! Aries Season’s start on Wednesday reminds you to show the world your power and charisma. Integrity-driven Saturn enters your Aquarius-ruled communication sector on Sunday and stays there until 2024, helping you say what you mean and mean what you say.


Open up, Capricorn! Aries Season’s start on Wednesday inspires uncomfortable but necessary emotional exposure. Saturn finally leaves your sign, where it’s been since 2017, and enters Aquarius, where it’ll stay until 2024. That means you get a big break! Saturn’s now in your income sector, helping you find genius ways for financial freedom.


Talk about it, Aquarius. It might be hard, but be compassionate and clear about what you’re feeling. Your life’s about to change when Saturn enters your sign. Over the next two and a half years, Saturn’s giving you even more discipline, integrity, and the responsibility to make your dreams come true.


Make it rain, Pisces! Aries Season sounds like a cash register, giving you belated bday $$ that you’ll want to be responsible with. Save it so you can indulge later on. On Sunday, Saturn enters Aquarius, where it’ll stay until 2024. This transit gives you the ambition to release yourself from whatever holds you back, and leads you to a helpful spiritual practice.

This horoscope post first appeared on Cosmopolitan US.

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