Your Horoscope for the Week of July 8

Everything you need to know for the upcoming week.

This week features a clashing of authority figures thanks to Tuesday’s opposition between the Sun in Cancer and Saturn in Capricorn, although there’s a welcome reprieve in the middle under the trine between the Sun in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces. But on Sunday, an oppositional showdown happens between Pluto in Capricorn and the Sun in Cancer. Stay non-reactive, responsible, and committed to realizing we might be wounded in these areas, but we can choose not to act from the wound.


You’re apt to make up a story in your head on Tuesday at work, so don’t be presumptuous and embarrass yourself. Wednesday’s a soulful self-care day, and Sunday gives you insight into your career performance and where you’d like to go next.


Tuesday inspires you to expand your perception beyond what you believe is true to allow room for uncertainty. Wednesday’s vibe is social, so talk to your friends and enjoy yourself. Another clash between the micro and macro happens on Sunday, so make decisions that give you joy and security.


You and a special someone need to have a tough talk. Keep it all the way real, but be willing to listen to them, too. A breakthrough moment happens at work on Wednesday, so follow your hunches. And finally, keep up the honest talk on Sunday.


You deserve romance, and Tuesday’s opposition helps those love-related thoughts and emotions flow. A jolt of optimism strikes on Wednesday, encouraging a manifestation of your birthday wishes. Sunday’s opposition is sexy—pair up with trustworthy romantic partners, and have fun!


It’s time for a health review according to Tuesday’s opposition, so tend to your physical and emotional needs. Wednesday is sexy and soulful—pursue pleasure for pleasure’s sake! Sunday’s opposition inspires you to keep working on your wellness goals, so stay focused.


Tuesday asks you to review which friends bring out the best in you—or the worst in you. Connect only with those who inspire and celebrate you. A romantic Wednesday allows the conversation to flow, and on Sunday you’ll help a friend in need and realize the value you bring to their lives.


Tuesday motivates you to show your tender, more emotional side at work, and it can help determine the quality of your success there. You’ll be centred again by Wednesday when you receive helpful clarity, and the breakthroughs continue on Sunday as you realize what your professional needs really are.


Tuesday’s opposition is chaotic, so don’t take things super seriously—the opposition will pass, especially by Wednesday, giving your confidence a major boost. A reflective Sunday helps you be less hard on yourself and more forgiving when it comes to your imperfections.


An honest conversation sets you and others free from avoidance, numbing, and distance during Tuesday’s opposition. This candour gives you the emotional support you need on Wednesday. And Sunday is sultry, so pursue those sexual, intimate passions!


Tuesday’s opposition helps you break down issues, fears, and defences relating to intimacy. Wednesday provides a healing moment to keep working on this goal, so lean into your vulnerability. The opposition on Sunday gives you an opportunity to apply what you’ve learned all week.


Tuesday wants you to stay centred when it comes to your wellness and values, and Wednesday’s healing energy gives you an opportunity for closure wherever you need to apply it. A sombre Sunday opposition inspires you to reflect on your life progress and what you have planned next.


Tuesday’s opposition may inspire you to stand alone instead of fitting in, so follow your heart. Wednesday gives you more confidence to speak your truth with the people you love, which you’ll need to do under Sunday’s opposition—don’t betray yourself just to people-please.

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