Your horoscope for the week of January 5th

Everything you need to know for the upcoming week.


Brace yourselves, people! This week is potentially life-changing. *cue dramatic music* according to your horoscope. Up first is the lunar eclipse in Cancer on Friday, which is sure to put us in our feels when it comes to home, family, and our emotions. Later, Sunday’s Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn wants us to stay resilient and strong while we stare down our fears. Totally casual!


Don’t run from your feels, Ram! Friday’s lunar eclipse in Cancer wants you to own and express your emotions more unapologetically. It’ll be a bit different for you to show your sensitivities, but you’ll be happier in the long run. A reality check re: work arrives on Sunday—be a hundred per cent honest with yourself and coworkers/boss so everyone is on the same page!


Did you ask for what you want, Taurus? The lunar eclipse in Cancer on Friday reminds you that you can’t get what you’re not asking for. Be willing to lead with vulnerability so it can happen! A breakthrough moment hits you like a brick to the forehead on Sunday as it relates to the ways you handle change, uncertainty, and flexibility. Enjoy the surprises!


*cash register sounds* Good news, Gemmy: Friday’s lunar eclipse in Cancer helps you increase your financial health. Check-in with your emotions around spending, saving, and budgeting. They’re more connected to your money than you think! Keep it real on sexuality and intimacy on Sunday because your transparency could potentially transform a situation amazingly.


Get ready, Cancer bb! Just in time for the New Year, a life-changing lunar eclipse in your sign on Friday gives you the do-over, power, and passions you need to live a more engaged life. Your romances and relationships will be transformed on Sunday too. Align with others who know how to work as hard at making the relationships work as you do…or block ’em if they don’t!


If it’s not serving you, let it go, Leo. The lunar eclipse in Cancer releases you from whatever is holding you back from your best self…but only if you’re willing to release yourself from it first. A surge of energy to commit to your resolutions arrives on Sunday and you could make your changes permanent and totally transformative if you’re willing to work your butt off!


The quality of all your relationships determines the quality of your life, Virgo! The lunar eclipse in Cancer on Friday inspires you to review your friends and community to see how it improves your well-being. You’ll want to stop perfectionism and comparison in order to own your power and authenticity on Sunday for wonderful results that start your year in the best way!


You’re making boss moves, Libra! Friday’s lunar eclipse in Cancer uplifts your career, inspiring you to make brave choices and even start your own thing. Ignore what’s practical—this is all about your wildest side-hustle dreams. Since you’ll be feeling super sensitive on Sunday, you’ll want to connect with the places, emotions, and people that feel like home.


Pack your bags, Scorpio! A lunar eclipse in Cancer on Friday wants to fly you to a dreamy destination you’ve been dying to check out. You’ll be looking for ways to expand your thinking and horizons. Work hard to be a clear, direct, and active communicator on Sunday since the subtext could be confusing. Straight talk leads to straight understanding!


Ooh, Sag: Friday’s lunar eclipse in Cancer inspires you to take a deeper dive into your relationships for sexy results. You’ve been looking for the realest, most meaningful connections and you could have ’em then! Review your budget, finances, bills, and financial health responsibly on Sunday and brainstorm a strategy to make your money work for you.


Happy Birthday, Cap! Friday’s lunar eclipse in Cancer transforms your romances and gives you that soul-mate connection you’re hoping for. Show your emotional side to partners so they can sense how you feel too! And get ready for a real (like, really real) conversation with yourself on Sunday on ways to improve yourself that will completely change your life.


Little things make a big difference, Aquarius! The lunar eclipse in Cancer on Friday helps you organize and simplify your life in a way that gives you more power to change what needs to change. Especially on Sunday when you’ll know what you need to surrender. Release yourself from the idea, person, place, or circumstance that keeps you in fear.


Strut your stuff, Pisces! Friday’s lunar eclipse in Cancer is giving your confidence a serious glow-up—you’re feeling cute, posting selfies, and not deleting ’em. You deserve to feel this confident about yourself. Oh, and review the status of your friendships and see how they show up for you. Check-in with how you show up for them too. Is it equal? You deserve ride-or-dies and nothing less!

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