Your Horoscope for the Week of August 27

Everything you need to know for the upcoming week

Happy Virgo Season! We’re feeling more productive and ready to kick ass. Mars finally moving direct oughta help! On Monday, Mars ends a retrograde that began on June 26, so on Monday the universe returns our drive, confidence, and sexual and erotic desires. It’ll carry you to a weekend that promises a match between the sensual and mental under the Taurus and Gemini moons. Keep reading for your horoscope for the week of August 27.


Aries horoscopes.

Although you’re the most independent of them all, Aries, you also deserve support and empowerment from friends. Now that your ruling planet Mars is direct, its momentum will show the people who can loyally love you as much as you love them. Indulge in the finer and smarter things in life this weekend while the Moon lights up your desire for curiosity.


Taurus horoscopes.

If you’re uncomfortable about something at work, now’s the time to say it, Taurus. Mars moving direct on Monday is giving you the strength to ask for what you deserve professionally—or for the energy to leave gracefully. The moon shines for you on Friday and Saturday, so do whatever makes your heart sing. You’ll be living and loving loudly while inspiring others to do the same.


Gemini horoscopes.
Think big and bigger, Gemini! Mars retrograde might’ve gotten you in analysis paralysis. When the red planet moves direct on Monday, your perception on the big picture returns. Let expansive thinking and optimism be your problem-solving solutions. Focus on self-care this weekend, and give yourself some much-needed rest and alone time.


Cancer horoscopes.

You’re officially sexually healed, Cancer. Mars retrograde inspired you to review your relationship with intimacy, transformation, and sex. As it moves direct, you’ll make more honest decisions about sexual health. Gather with friends for another soirée this weekend, since the moon magic will connect you to a more loving, appreciative support system.


Leo horoscopes.

You won’t have to listen to the angry love songs anymore, Leo—Mars ends its retrograde in your romance and love zone. If you have to apologise for something or admit hurt feelings, now’s the divine time. Inspiration and ambition will strike you this weekend—trust your gut, and take action to achieve your goals!


Virgo horoscopes.

Happy Birthday, Virgo! May all your wishes come true. A favourite thing—your daily routine—returns this month now that Mars is direct. So success will be yours! The weekend offers inspiring, optimistic, and productive energy for you. Enjoy your new year in whatever manner you love!


Libra horoscopes.

Move over, chip on the shoulder! If you haven’t felt excited or joyful it was Mars retrograde’s fault, Libra. It ends on Monday, so this uncharacteristic irritability will be a thing of the past. A steamy, sexy weekend begins on Friday, but you’re not looking for a cheap and fun night. You want the real deal! Harness the moon magic by socialising and having deep talks.


Scorpio horoscopes.

After a sensitive season, you want to feel the comfort of safety and home. You’ll find this when Mars moves direct on Monday, Scorpio. But you shouldn’t stay in all weekend—the romantic moon will light up your love and relationship sector, so plan a date night, say yes to the suitor, and be open to the idea of love!


Sagittarius horoscopes.
Mars retrograde wreaked havoc in your head and communication. As it turns direct on Monday, the chaos will subside, and your verbals blunders will disappear. Bit of catching up to do? Don’t stress—you’ll have time both for productivity and for romance this weekend. Cross off the to-do list, and make time for love!


Capricorn horoscopes.

The ground beneath you is radically different, Capricorn. Mars retrograde was an earthquake to your bank account and personal beliefs. Now that Mars is direct, your ideas on money and personal beliefs are different, so your life will be in the weeks ahead too. The weekend’s moon has you sharing emotionality and your courage in a big way. Be brave!


Aquarius horoscopes.

You’re brand new, waterbearer! Mars was retrograde in Aquarius, which inspired radical personal changes and makeovers. As it moves direct on Monday, give yourself permission to embrace uncertainty and the unknown. This weekend’s moon could put you in the feels—maximise it by processing the summer’s emotionality and preparing for new beginnings.


Pisces horoscopes.

Closure is a gift you give to yourself, Pisces. Mars retrograde inspired you to be proactive about completion, but now that the planet is direct, try to stay focused on the opportunities in the present and excited about what’s to come. This weekend’s moon strengthens your mental power. Use your words thoughtfully, and share your observations with confidants.

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