Your 2018 Cancer Horoscope For The Month Ahead

From career and love to your birthstone and more, here’s what you need to know this month

21 June – 20 July

Get set for steamy, passionate sex! The stars suggest a ton of opportunities for sexy encounters is coming up. Coupled up? Try a softer approach with your partner to avoid unnecessary conflict.

Keep a close eye on your investments – you may need to switch things up to really see your cash work hard for you. And be wary of new financial agreements or ventures – check everything out with a lawyer before signing on any dotted lines.

Also: when was the last time you checked your boobs for lumps? Remember, monthly self-checks at home are super important, so make it a regular thing. De-stressing is key to your health, so try and pursue creative interests this year that’ll help you unwind.

Your Birthstone

Born in July? Your birthstone is the beautiful, dark red ruby. It’s said to protect you from evil and symbolises passion.


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