Weekly Horoscopes 8 – 14 January 2018

Get ready for success!

The meeting of the Sun with Venus and Pluto makes everyone feel positive and motivated, and Mars and Jupiter bring luck. Mercury moves into Capricorn, which pushes you to share your innovative ideas at work – get ready for success!


Even though those close to you seem to be neglecting your interests in favour of their own, you’re still willing to support them. You’re feeling confident to strengthen your relationships – in your social life and at work. Things may be a bit intense at home – clear communication is key.


Use the gentle energy of Venus and the Sun to help you be co-operative and understanding at work. When someone challenges you at the end of the week, don’t stress – deal with it in a calm manner and think carefully before you respond.


As Mercury moves into Capricorn and conjuncts with Saturn, you may come across as pessimistic to others. Try to stay upbeat and don’t let your fears control you. Your sense of humour is your best tool and your confidence will soon return. Of course, it would be easy to just run away but avoiding people is not going to get you anywhere.


You’re totally confident that you can transform your home life and career. But this becomes overwhelming and you may feel stressed. Don’t worry, just get on with what has to be done in a calm manner and take it one step at a time. If you’re in a relationship, your guy will be there to support you. Single? Your squad has your back!


At the beginning of the week you’re feeling confident, but you can’t stop thinking about past disappointments. Remember that failures only make you stronger. Let them go as you move on with renewed vigour and confidence – at work and in your relationships.


Everything is going well until Mercury moves into Capricorn and conjuncts with Saturn… You become more aware of your debts and financial commitments. Try not to stress – act in a responsible, calm way and everything will be sorted out so you can return to your positive way of dealing with life.


Mercury’s move into Capricorn emphasises how you interact with those close to you (especially your man). Are you ready for a serious commitment? Do you trust him? Do you feel overwhelmed? Think carefully before you move forward in your relationship.


At the beginning of the week you’re feeling relaxed about work and everything is running smoothly. But as Mercury moves into Capricorn and is conjunct with Saturn, responsibilities weigh heavily on you. Work in a methodical way and don’t get stressed. By the end of the week you’ll be back to your happy self.


You’re focused on love and you want your guy to take your relationship seriously. Are you both committed and ready to move forward together? Don’t be too intense – lighten up, add passion to your lovemaking and you’ll know if he’s the right guy.


Be open and honest with others and sort out potential problems before they arise – at home and at work. You have to make decisions for yourself and don’t want interference from anyone else – but do listen to your SO’s advice and let him support you.


You’ll be inundated with new ideas but before you rush to make decisions, make sure you have all the information you need and clearly communicate to others what you want. A family member may need your advice so be ready to offer your support.


Everything you do this week seems to involve your finances – savings and investments. Be responsible when dealing with money. The stars bring renewed energy and good luck – take advantage and pursue your goals. Expect challenges in your love life if you’ve neglected your SO to focus on your career. It’s all about balance.

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