Weekly Horoscopes: 4 – 10 September 2017

With the Sun opposing Neptune, stay aware of misunderstandings and deception.

You want (and need) to find practical solutions and make decisions – but with the Sun opposing Neptune, stay aware of misunderstandings and deception. Perhaps a time-out is required? Midweek, the Pisces Full Moon, Mercury moving direct and Mars changing signs into Virgo all tell you it’s time to stop daydreaming and get on with finishing ongoing projects.

Your personal planet Mercury is conjunct Mars. Both are in good aspect to Uranus, so you’re driven to make important changes in your life. With the Sun opposing Neptune, it might be worthwhile to re-think and hone your ideas – then, later in the week when Mercury is no longer retrograde, you can take action. The Full Moon in Pisces, your love sign, will bring relationships to a head. Be ready for total commitment – or to move on.

Your life this week revolves around your friends, colleagues and group organisations. Ensure you don’t overload your schedule, scattering your energy and accomplishing nothing. The Sun opposing Neptune suggests you’ll hide from problems rather than trying to solve them; this won’t work in the long term, so discuss them with your family and friends. Your love life looks exciting – and unconventional!

Your career and long-term ambitions are top of your priority list this week. You are being noticed, so ensure you’re ready to promote yourself in the best possible light – not just by looking good but by knowing exactly what to say and what has to be done. The Sun opposing Neptune suggests you have a blind spot when it comes to your love life. Are you being deceived? Let your intuition guide you.

There could be confusion around your career and domestic scene. While your instincts could be right, it won’t hurt to check (and check again!) before you sign important documents. Your creative talents are inspirational, but your enthusiasm is scattered in different directions. Concentrate on a few ideas rather than on everything that pops into your mind. Travel with your guy is fun, and will help broaden your spiritual and intellectual horizons.

If you’re travelling, keep a close eye on your passport and other important items. The good aspects between Mercury, Mars and Uranus urge you to pay attention to detail and to be resourceful. Before you enter into joint ventures, research into common goals and values will help you make money rather than lose resources. Your love life looks intense and highly sexual, with talk of marriage a distinct possibility.

The focus this week is not so much on you as it is on your guy and close friends and family. Be cooperative and everyone will accept your latest plans, no matter how eccentric they may seem at first. Take care when it comes to your finances, especially if you’re opening a joint account – do your homework by researching all aspects as Neptune is warning that not everything is as it appears. Love is deeply satisfying.

With the Sun opposing Neptune, there could be confusion in your love life – if so, now is the time to consider your options, especially if the uncertainty is causing you stress. Get yourself organised, then have a beauty treatment or visit your hairdresser to boost your confidence. This can be an exciting time if you accept it as a challenge rather than a setback – you’ll soon see the positive results in all areas of your life.

The Sun opposing Neptune makes you feel sorry for yourself – and the Full Moon isn’t helping either. But with your personal planet Mars in good aspect to both Mercury and Uranus, this is the best time to let your creative juices flow. Allow your enthusiasm to spill over into your romantic life – your man will adore this mood of yours. In fact, all your relationships stand to benefit from your latest inspired ideas.

Make sure your closest friends and associates can really be trusted as Neptune is muddying the waters. Don’t neglect work for social activities – it could damage your reputation. Take on more responsibility and rake in the financial rewards for all your hard work. Domestic issues, including family matters if working from home, are well-starred, as long as you keep on top of the paperwork. Love is romantic – just how you like it.

Your personal planet Mercury is in great aspect to Mars and Uranus this week, offering unusual ideas and opinions. You need to make your own decisions even if this upsets your romantic partner. Your home and business life could both suffer from the Sun/Neptune opposition, but the Full Moon will help energise your career in a creative way so you can thrive on the success. You can achieve everything you set out to do now.

Your many ideas may not bring the success you want if your dreams are unrealistic, and even the Full Moon won’t help. Think finance this week as Mercury, Mars and Uranus are bringing sound suggestions. Before you take action, control your emotions and let common sense rule – especially if travel or spending on higher education is involved. Your love life is more about security than romance, but with a deep sexual commitment.

Rushing into your latest ideas and projects with energy will help you achieve your goals. But your ruler, the Sun, is opposing Neptune, and the Full Moon is in Pisces – and both are warning you to be careful with money, especially investments and joint finances. Your love relationship could easily move to a more intimate level with added commitment, if that’s what you want.

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