Weekly Horoscopes 7 – 13 May 2018

Think before you speak and don’t let your emotions get the better of you

Think before you speak and don’t let your emotions get the better of you. Your intuition will help – especially in matters of the heart as Venus, in hard aspect to Neptune, is making your judgment weak. Mercury moves into Taurus on Sunday, encouraging careful consideration. Keep reading to see what else the weekly horoscopes have in store for you!


Don’t take your guy for granted; He may be feeling unappreciated so acknowledge this and talk to him. Let him know that you do appreciate him, even if you don’t always show it.


You’ll be disappointed if you’re expecting your colleagues to help you out this week – and an impulsive reaction will only make things worse. Try your best to avoid conflict.


Love, friends, and enjoying the good life make you very happy. You don’t feel the need for restraint – but don’t go OTT as you’ll regret the hangovers and extra kilos…


You’ll need support if you take on too many projects, remember that you’re needed both at work and at home. Everyone has something to say – about you, your work, and your ideas… Don’t let it get to you.


Work on your own to clarify your ideas at work. An argument with your guy could lead to a full-blown fight that you will both regret. Think very carefully before you speak.


Don’t recklessly spend your hard-earned cash as you need to focus on saving. Extravagance is a no-no – it could lead to the end of a relationship or loss of possessions.


Be understanding of your loved ones, especially your guy, if you want to avoid conflict. Being stubborn will lead to a lack of co-operation from everyone. Sex will be on fire, though!


Don’t blame others for your mistakes and take responsibility. Your guy might not keep his word when it comes to an important decision – can you trust him?


There’s a lack of co-operation from those around you – get on with everything on your own rather than argue with them. Love? Focus on pleasure, fun and romance rather than investing in a long-term commitment.


Family matters bring out your pride and arrogance. Compromise to avoid a further rift. A false promise could set your career back so make sure you know everything before you change course.


Be true to yourself – name-dropping or social climbing won’t impress your friends, family or colleagues. You have every reason to be confident in yourself and your abilities.


Keep an eye on your day-to-day spending, go through all your bills, statements, and debit orders to check where you’re spending money unnecessarily. Carefully research potential investments before signing anything.

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