Weekly Horoscopes 29 January – 4 February 2018

Make sure you get enough sleep and quiet times for yourself

The Full Moon on 31 January is not only a Super-moon, it’s the second Full Moon of the month (known as a Blue Moon) and is also a Lunar eclipse – though sadly not seen in South Africa. At the same time, Mercury joins the Sun and Venus in Aquarius. What does this mean?  Highly charged emotions and intense energy as everyone is filled with new and unique ideas!  Make sure you get enough sleep and quiet times for yourself rather than energetic socialising, arguing and banter.


The Full Blue Moon and Lunar eclipse focusses on your relationships with your business partner, friends as well as your guy as this is make your mind up time if considering moving on or making other changes.  No wonder if you are still unsure and confused! Your guy could also issue the final ultimatum so be ready with your answer…  Mercury moving into your own sign does make you very inventive with your answers – your ideas are quite unique!


Although you have innovative ideas to do with your health, work and daily routine, its best to keep them to yourself at the moment until you decide which to run with… It is though the best time to break bad habits like smoking or being a couch potato, so don’t wait too long.  Listen to your body as well as your highly focussed intuition – probably more reliable than most advice! Mercury is your love planet so your guy will enjoy your innovative love-making – if you stay around long enough…


The perfect time to end or complete a creative project or a relationship – either by deciding to finish it or take it to the next level, like an infatuation turning into a real love relationship.  Nothing will be the same again.  Just remember you are quite fertile so take the necessary precautions… Your personal network of friends and associates grows bigger and you take a more important role in your circle or group.  Ensure you have all the information you need before making decisions.


The Lunar eclipse highlights the need for balance between your home life and your career aspirations.  If either one is taking up too much of your time, then you have the opportunity to re-think and re-schedule. Mercury is your financial planet and you now have some ingenious ways of earning more – but give them time to work for you instead of moving on to another project too quickly.  Don’t become a drama queen or make extravagant gestures – you’ll lose more than you gain.


The Leo Lunar eclipse sees you dashing from one idea to another, from one meeting to another both locally and maybe in another country as you complete one project and move on to another, and another… A brother or sister could feature more than usually this year – so be prepared to give them time. You need to sharpen your skills this year too so maybe it’s back to classes… Try not to dominate your guy or be too demanding this week?  It won’t help long-term.


Have you been making changes to your finances and investments? The Lunar eclipse suggests that everything is now finalised and while you can now sit back and relax, perhaps you should re-examine your values to check that everything you’ve done meets your inner needs as well as your bank balance. Have you paid off loans and credit cards? A more permanent partnership is possible now with you the dominant force in love as well as business.


An interesting week as the Full Moon is bringing various matters in your life to a head – especially to do with partnerships, both romantic and business. Negotiations should be going well as long as everything is mutually beneficial – the more you are seen to co-operate the easier everything will be. But don’t forget to discuss with a lawyer if necessary! Romantically, it seems your partner can’t do enough for you – and if single it seems someone really is out there, waiting…


This Lunar eclipse is conjunct your personal planet, Mercury, moving into Aquarius. Eclipses are never easy but this one sees the end of a difficult situation as you suddenly become aware of what is really going on. Get all the facts, figures and other information ready as you’ll have to re-organise and plan your next move. As the Sun is your financial planet, you should find your finances are rapidly improving in a very unexpected way.


Are you involved with a group of friends or a business organisation? Now is the time to look at your role and see if it still makes you happy. Don’t worry if you feel you have to make changes, take on more responsible roles or move on altogether for something that is more creative and fun. Just prioritise. You need romance in your life as well – is your SO providing it? If not, perhaps you should drop some not-so subtle hints…


It seems that your career, as well as your home life, are being energised by this Lunar eclipse – so expect projects to end, new ones to start and perhaps even a new career direction. Mercury is bringing up many new innovative ideas which could easily mean you work from home or go into the property business. Whatever happens, although unsettling at first, you’ll soon find new energy and inspiration.


Learning new skills or travelling out of your usual comfort zone are being offered by the Lunar eclipse. You can expect some frustrations, but Mercury moving into Aquarius provides some interesting and unique solutions to any and all of your problems. However, do keep your car filled, serviced and ready to go as you don’t want any breakdowns or accidents to hold you back. Financially, make sure you are in control and are keeping to a strict budget.


Joint finances and investments are upper-most in your mind and most of your time is taken up with discussions and meetings. It is vital that you keep on top of everything – so prioritise, pay bills and collect money owed to you rather than spend, spend, spend. Sometimes bargains work out to be more expensive and a waste of time. Don’t be taken in by advertising or you could be left with a very little left in your bank account…

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