Weekly Horoscopes 26 February – 4 March 2018

Take time out on the 4th when the Sun conjuncts Neptune

The first of the two Full Moons in March is on the 1st, together with a trine between Venus and Jupiter. This brings optimism and self-confidence, which should then re-energise the body too. Take time out on the 4th when the Sun conjuncts Neptune to ensure your thoughts and ideas come from the heart rather than expediency.


Don’t issue ultimatums as your judgment is still clouded – you don’t need matters coming to a head right now. Be as friendly and cooperative as possible this week.


If work and business concerns are getting you down, it won’t hurt to take time out from your daily routine to de-stress and get your mind, body and spirit back on track.


The completion of a project will see you either achieving all your goals or becoming disillusioned by the lack of rewards. Luckily your SO will be there to provide inspiration, fun and real love.


Domestic issues take up your time. Are you giving up one home for another? Sorting out a property problem? Your career and daily routine need equal attention and organisation.


A love connection, most likely with someone from a different culture, comes to a head. You’ll probably need to learn a new language if the romance is to blossom into a serious relationship.


You might lose your independence but gain financially through a business or love partnership – especially if property is involved. Your judgment improves by the end of the week.


It’s decision time! The Full Moon brings relationship issues to a head, as well as ones that influence your career and feelings of self-confidence. Go ahead with what you want.


You’ll get what you need for a stress-free life if you listen to your intuition – you’ll also make more money and have far more cooperation from colleagues.


A goal is finally reaching its climax. Will you take on more responsibility? Or is it time to move on to where your creative imagination is appreciated, and where you’ll be paid well for your efforts?


Your life and career are being re-energised with new purpose. Keep quiet regarding a salary increase, promotion or new job offer – just know that you’re gaining inner strength as well as material benefits.


Renewed energy, exciting projects, long-distance travel and new friends are coming your way, with some financial benefits too – as long as you present your ideas in a cooperative way.


With your career on track, the focus is on savings and investments. Consult an expert so you can make money without too much risk. Sex and physical intimacy are heating up too.

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