Weekly Horoscopes: 26 June-2 July

What do the stars have in store for you?

Mercury, conjunct the Sun, takes centre stage while opposing passionate and obsessive Pluto. It is also conjunct decisive but aggressive Mars, and both are square to over-confident Jupiter. This encourages you to speak your mind without thought. Reel yourself in: try not to rush any decisions or get into arguments, or to antagonise those around you with controversial opinions and out-there ideas.


This week is all about money – spending, investments, joint ventures and partnerships – which brings mixed messages of lack of confidence versus taking risks. Neptune makes you think your intuition is strong, but with the coming Mars/Pluto opposition, it’s probably better to wait until next week before making permanent decisions. You also veer between wanting to mother your guy and wanting him to look after you. Talk about your feelings, and let your sexuality lead the way.


This week you probably want to hide from any problems, choosing the peace and tranquillity of your home. You seem to have the ability to get everyone on your side, but the square of Mercury and Mars with Jupiter makes you unrealistically optimistic. Before the end of the week, Pluto moves in opposition to Mercury so avoid making set-in-stone decisions if you don’t want to be disappointed. Your love planet is keeping quiet – don’t say anything to upset your guy.


You want to keep yourself and everyone close to you safe – but with so many differing aspects to the Sun, Mercury and Mars, you probably feel a little uncertain. Stay in contact with friends, be involved with your community, and try to stay patient with everyone even if you get irritated or angry, because you might not have the influence you think you do. Your love relationship looks inspirational – and sexual – but romance might be lacking when Mars opposes Pluto.


You’re decisive and overly assertive – but it seems that the more you talk, the less influence you have. Relax: it’s just Mercury square to Jupiter, and it will pass soon. The trouble is that it will temporarily make you more intense – even obsessive – about everything. Just don’t let it affect your home life. Turn this energy into common goals and you’ll have everyone in agreement. And try not to compete with your guy – remember the word ‘partnership’.


Your imagination is working in sync with your artistic talents, encouraging you to take risks. This is excellent in some ways – but you have to prevent it from becoming a full-on obsession. Use this energy to transform yourself and your life, rather than trying to influence others. Jupiter is urging you to keep your thoughts and ideas to yourself for now. Romance is in the air but is very idealistic – remember that sharing paves the way to real love.


Neptune is making you dream big and the signs are there for you to benefit financially from others – but don’t count on it! Of course you need money and a sound professional and social status, but the Mars opposition to Pluto suggests it’s better to save and invest rather than over-spend at the moment. Your love relationship is heady, intense and a touch manipulative. Bring in new, lighter ideas to add romance to the mix.


The square between Mercury and Jupiter makes getting on with colleagues difficult, especially if you keep pushing your opinions instead of listening. You probably don’t realise how big your personal power is: don’t retreat into yourself , and take the time to work on your relationships and alliances. This way, any resistance will dissipate and all negotiations will be advantageous to you. Love matters are very positive – though with some spats. Turn these into sexy battles! 


It seems that not everyone shares your enthusiastic ideas for organising your workload, nor do they want to go along with your unique health methods. Listen to what they have to say, and weigh up the pros and cons – but follow your own path and vision when the time comes to choose. Try not to become too obsessive about your ideas because this could hold you back. Sometimes going with the flow is the best option, especially when it comes to your love relationship.


Your communication talents are inspired this week, despite Jupiter making you more than a little intense. Others are attracted to you – but if they’re encouraging you to alter your goals and ideas, take some alone time to think about what you want. Your girlfriends will probably be your best allies when it comes to making a decision. Romance and love are everywhere, and a partnership or committed relationship looks very promising and highly sexual.


Your home and family continue to be your main concern this week – it seems that someone could be jealous, which is causing disruptions. Try not to let this devolve into anger, especially if it’s a question of home and family versus your career. Think of ways to manage both by compromising, cooperating, and trying to keep things light. Your guy will help you by showing love, support and understanding, and keeping you optimistic and upbeat.


You might be interested in a new project but be careful not to make any decisions before researching every aspect. Knowing your own mind is important – but being too dogmatic could upset those around you, especially because your current fickleness could suddenly send you in a different direction and leave them nonplussed. The reaction of your colleagues could sap your self-confidence – but your guy will be there to repair any damage.


Your personal planet Mercury is bringing new ideas about finances and investments, not all of which are practical or even possible. Avoid being too set on your course of action as Pluto is testing you: listen to what the experts have to say before making any decisions. This is a great time to turn your energy from controlling your sexual needs to exploring them – and those of your guy. Make it fun!

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