Weekly Horoscopes 25 – 31 December 2017

Ring in 2018 with love and renewed energy so you’re ready to follow your personal star.

With Venus moving into Capricorn and conjunct Saturn, Christmas Day could be more serious than usual. Diplomacy is the key to a tranquil, enjoyable and rewarding day with family. You might be ready for greater commitment towards your SO – or to move on if the relationship isn’t working for you. Either way, New Year’s Eve adds to the strong feelings. Ring in 2018 with love and renewed energy so you’re ready to follow your personal star. 

Are you doing too much of the hard work? Get everyone to help, so you can relax and join in the fun in your own quiet way. With Venus in your own sign, you find it easier to express love, and feel more committed to your guy than ever. This is the time to make big decisions, not just resolutions – and New Year’s Eve could see you taking the initiative. 

Venus’s move into Capricorn says you won’t be much of a party animal, and you’ll have a string of reasons why (you feel unwell, you’ve nothing to wear, you’ve too much to do…). Don’t kid yourself. An old boyfriend could turn up again but it’s unlikely to be sunshine and roses. Enjoy a quiet Christmas with your loved ones – and get ready to party again on New Year’s Eve. No excuses!

As Venus moves into steady, shy Capricorn, you become very involved with your own happiness and goals – especially in how you integrate into the lives of your friends and colleagues. If you’re single, make group activities as rewarding as possible – your calm manner will help make it a memorable time for you. New Year’s Eve could see you letting your hair down with people from different countries.

Despite it being a family Christmas, Venus puts the spotlight on social events, so get out there and get noticed. Don’t forget to smile – and be happy for anyone else who’s sharing the limelight. New Year’s Eve sees you quite intense as you make the party happen just the way you like it. Avoid creating tension between and your guy – especially if someone else is glancing flirtatiously your way.

Your Christmas could be spent having exciting adventures in a foreign country. You’ll enjoy it as long as you’re with your favourite guy – so if travel isn’t possible, give peace and tranquillity at home a bash. Your personal planet is moving into Capricorn, so romance and deep commitment are both possible. New Year’s Eve brings energy and enthusiasm – not just for the party but for joint ventures in 2018.

There is some intensity in your love life this festive season as Venus moves into Capricorn. Sort out whether you want a committed love relationship or business partnership, or whether you prefer space and freedom. Don’t make decisions based on financial rewards, and don’t sit back doing nothing – rather work with your guy to make the beginning of 2018 zing.

Venus moving into your love house suggests a focus on your guy this Christmas. You’ll find even more common goals with your SO – to the extent that you might decide on a more permanent relationship. Your creative spirits works overtime this New Year’s Eve, ensuring you have the best time possible – with romance at the top of your list.

Even though there you have a lot to get through this Christmas, Venus moving into Capricorn suggests you focus on beautifying everything, from the table decorations to the general ambience. Just don’t forget to have fun – take a few hours before guests arrive, and ensure you feel your best. Whatever you decide for New Year’s Eve will work for everyone, so allow Mars to kick your butt into planning gear.

You can’t avoid social events, and you can’t escape the huge dollop of romance that’s coming your way. Sift through the invites and enjoy whatever you choose to do. Be generous with your time: by including your guy, you’ll make Christmas even more special (although perhaps not as noisy or extravagant as usual). New Year’s Eve could make up for that as you socialise with friends and neighbours.

The move of Venus into Capricorn suggests that your enjoyment will focus on family and entertaining at home. You’ll be focused on your living space, especially if the schemes you’ve already started haven’t been finished yet. Give everyone a break on Christmas Day. Mars, your love planet, will help you solve any problems by New Year’s Eve – which means you can look forward to an awesome 2018.

Your sense of humour is at its most persuasive, and you’re getting on especially well with your friends. Siblings also come into the picture, so spend time together this festive season. If a permanent relationship is a possibility, the time to discuss it is now, while you’re relaxed and enjoying yourselves. New Year’s Eve is inspired – but avoid becoming overly competitive if you want the most out of 2018. 

Venus makes its move into Sagittarius – but while it is in Capricorn, you could decide to rein in your spending and not be as generous as usual. This won’t take away from the enjoyment of time spent with friends and family. The Sun is shining on Mars on New Year’s Eve, focusing your interest on charity and the spirit of giving. This heralds an amazing and loving 2018.

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