Weekly Horoscopes 16 – 22 October 2017

Balance is a must!

Two planets change sign this week: Mercury moves into Scorpio on Tuesday, while Mars moves into Libra on Sunday. Light-hearted Mercury is not always happy in intense Scorpio, and aggressive Mars is not comfortable in peace-loving, indecisive Libra. The Libra New Moon opposes highly erratic Uranus, working to bring balance in this unpredictable time. Luckily good judgment is offered by the Sun and Mercury conjunction, suggesting you can easily cope with whatever life throws your way.



This week, prioritise your finances: don’t miss out on paperwork, meetings and discussions now that Mercury has moved into Scorpio, bringing interesting ways of earning more money. Later in the week Mars moves into your own sign, making you more indecisive than usual. Use all your Libran powers to stay balanced, avoid arguments and stay positive, even if your need for change is upsetting those close to you.



You’ll probably come across as more intense and passionate than usual. Try to relax: most people are impressed with you, especially your intellect and your way with words. Keep everything you do confidential towards the end of the week when Mars moves into Libra, and listen more than you speak if a secret or past action crops up again. Find sexy ways to deal with sleepless nights…



As Mercury moves into Scorpio, you’ll become even more secretive – unwilling to discuss matters or share your thoughts with anyone. Don’t be bullied! Your intuition is extra-sharp; use it to understand what’s going on behind the scenes, especially as Mars’s move into Libra puts friends at the top of your list. Interact with people at work – although you’ll probably prefer nights in with your guy than nights out socialising.



Your close networks become your focus during Mercury’s move into Scorpio. Group discussions will go well, as long as you explain exactly what you’re prepared to do. Mars moving into Libra puts you in the public eye where your diplomatic talents will be appreciated. These could easily increase your standing at work and see you rising up the career ladder. Don’t forget to balance your workload with family time!



Take a hard look at your career and other goals – interesting ideas along with good news from colleagues could mean a promotion or being head-hunted. The New Moon and Mars moving into Libra are inspiring you in different directions; don’t dismiss any opportunity. This is a great time for an adventurous (and adventure-filled) holiday – alone, with friends or with your SO.



Mercury moving to Scorpio encourages you to develop a broader understanding of the world, so get in touch with friends in other countries, plan a trip or learn a new language. Different cultures are calling! Mars in Libra is trying to balance intensity and passion with diplomacy, especially in financial matters and those of the heart. Your love life is highly sexual – do you get enough alone time with your SO?



Your relationships are inspiring this week – everyone is encouraging you to look at your talents in a new way to see how you can use them to increase your earnings. Don’t sit back: do some research, then embark on a new venture. You’ll find you accomplish far more when you work with others rather than alone. Love-wise, you need to talk to your guy more – and the New Moon offers new beginnings.



Work-related negotiations should benefit you this week but Mercury in Scorpio encourages you to look at both the big picture and the small details. Legal matters could easily be sorted in the same spirit as Mars’s move into Libra gives you a competitive edge over the opposition. If you find you can’t stay calm, some exercise will soon put you back on track. (Vigorous sex is one of the best ways!)



Your personal planet moves into intense Scorpio, which brings an opportunity to get your ish together, sort out your office space and plan what needs to be done. Your creative juices are flowing – channel them into your latest project, where they’ll be most useful. Your love life is romantic, although there could be something holding you back from total commitment.



Your communication skills are sharp this week as Mercury moves into Scorpio – but you might have to calm some of your more passionate outbursts. The Full Moon and Mars in Libra are energising your domestic space – and it seems for many Cancerians there is a property transaction to finalise or a change of career to consider. Your relationships look positive, although a little straight talk won’t go amiss.



Family and domestic matters are high on your agenda so expect discussions and meetings about everything from transport to decor. Listen to what those close to you have to say before implementing your ideas. With Mars in Libra cooperating with the Full Moon, you can speak your mind – and expect property negotiations to be successful if you follow your passion.



It’s a busy week. The trick is to focus on one thing at a time rather than scatter your energy in many directions. You’ll need to keep your tech in working order if you want to take full advantage of the positive energy and reap the financial rewards of Mars moving into Libra. Working overtime is fine, as long as you don’t become stressed. Balance is a must!

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