Weekly Horoscopes 2 – 8 April 2018

Venus comes to the rescue at the end of the week, offering love, diplomacy and passionate lovemaking

The week is dominated by the Sun conjunct Mercury. You want to get things done, but seem stymied at every turn, making you feel argumentative and frustrated. The last thing you need is to react with anger, sarcasm or hostility! Luckily Venus comes to the rescue at the end of the week, offering love, diplomacy and passionate lovemaking – let your enthusiasm shine! 


Control your anger at work, no matter how frustrated you feel regarding your career progress. Find a healthy outlet for your stress – a night in with bae will calm you.


It’s time to move on and stop thinking about your past failures. Venus is shining on you, encouraging you to move forward with enthusiasm and determination.


You’re obsessing about every tiny detail regarding your finances, work, relationship, friendships … everything! Take a deep breath and relax! If you don’t want to go out, don’t – you and your guy can find better things to do at home…


Focus your energy on your relationship – inspiration will come from every direction. You both have different opinions on a certain issue, but you’ll find common ground towards the end of the week.


Exercising (this includes sexy time with bae) regularly will help you to avoid becoming irritable and frustrated, and will also uplift your mood.


A romantic fling could become more serious this week, but make sure you’re connected on an emotional level. Book a weekend away to get to know him on a more intimate level.


Despite many obstacles, you can achieve your goals this week – as long as your home environment is calm and organised. Your partner will be there to support you and give you advice.


Your workload feels unmanageable, but you can get on top of it. Get organised and keep up to date with your e-mails and objectives. Love-wise, your guy needs some much-needed attention – spoil him.


Sort out urgent financial payments so you don’t lose out on something you really value. A new romantic interest may want to take things a step further, but make sure you’re ready for something more serious.


Don’t let aggression consume you and try to keep calm, especially if you’ve taken on more responsibilities at work. Get out and socialise during the weekend – a little extravagance won’t hurt!


Someone (an old flame, perhaps) from your past could come into your life again. If things ended badly with this person, don’t bring up past issues and try to move forward with confidence. Don’t let them drag you down.


You want everyone around you to be happy but now is the time to focus on you and your own goals – even if others call you selfish. Your fling with that sexy guy could turn into something new – be bold and suggest you’re keen for a more serious commitment.

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