Weekly Horoscopes: 2 – 8 October 2017

See what the stars have in store for you this week.✨✨✨

This week is influenced by the Full Moon (known as the ‘pink’ or ‘waking’ moon in the southern hemisphere) as well as by Venus, which is dancing with Mars, Pluto and Saturn. Mars is still in a trine with Pluto, urging you to transform your life, while Jupiter continues to oppose Uranus and pushing for dramatic change. These transits are over by Sunday, so you’ll soon start to feel balanced – and in charge – again.

As we start to move into summer, the Full Moon brings wonderful new opportunities and beginnings, especially in close relationships and business partnerships. Make use of both Mars and Jupiter’s energy to find your true self before the latter moves into Scorpio – even if it means an unexpected and dramatic transformation. You’re your most beautiful sexy self. Take advantage of it!

Take a long, hard look at your work situation to see whether it’s fulfilling your career aspirations. Diet and exercise are important to you, so if you need to check on your health, this is also the right time. Your daily routine might feel a bit boring; find a way of bringing more interest into your life. Don’t kid yourself about love – ensure you know exactly what’s going on.

This week is about using your creativity to its full potential, especially where it impacts your future. Share, cooperate and discuss things with your partner, family and colleagues – you could easily discover talents you didn’t know you had. Stay calm and try not to worry, and you’ll make progress in all your projects. Your guy will provide the romance – and the chill time you need.

Your long-term aspirations are in the spotlight this week, and the stars suggest this is the time to balance your career and your domestic scene so you don’t suffer burnout – or boredom. Jupiter is telling you to embrace change, be it through travel or a renewed interest in your home space. Your love life takes on a more committed attitude – from you and your guy.

This Full Moon brings communication, studies, travel and your family to the top of your list of priorities, and an unexpected opportunity to broaden your horizons or move abroad could arise. Luck is certainly with you, with financial benefits offered by an unexpected meeting. Take time before you make a decision, and ensure everything is as it seems. Seek a deeper sexual connection with your guy.

Keep a close eye on your finances this week, especially if you have a shared account. You might feel responsible for everyone, but your first duty is towards yourself. ‘Never a borrower or lender be’ should be your mantra, especially in these uncertain financial times, so a good budget is also a necessity. Your love life looks romantic, enthusiastic and physical – but don’t be taken in by sweet talk.

This is the perfect time to revamp your life – or at least institute a few changes that’ll make things more fun and romantic. Venus and Mars are working in tandem to ensure your daily routine is in harmony with that of your colleagues. Cooperation is needed at home – don’t take your guy for granted or the relationship could break down. If this is the end, a change of scenery could be just what you need.

The Full Moon could easily find you overwhelmed by chores. Don’t do anything on the spur of the moment: consider how you can use your creative talents to ensure that your hard work is rewarded. Consider options carefully and everything will fall into place. Arguments with your SO will diminish (and love will deepen) as Venus moves into Libra next week – so don’t be overly critical now.

Greater responsibilities within your work or social group are offered by this Full Moon, especially if you’ve just reached one of your long-term goals. Don’t forget to prioritise to keep the important factors on track. Your love planet Jupiter is opposing Uranus, so you could change your mind about what you want and expect from your partner and friends. Perhaps you’re being a bit selfish and self-indulgent?

Your reputation affects your home life, career and long-term goals, so ensure everything you do is honest and open. New ventures are forecast but don’t leave loose ends for others to sort out – you need everyone’s goodwill, not their criticism. This is a great time to discuss your expectations with your guy – you aren’t in the mood to accept second-best.

This Full Moon sees you with itchy feet, ready for your next adventure. You could decide to give up on your studies, or change course to something entirely new. Life may seem uncertain as you widen your horizons, but the stimulation will be worth any initial reservations. Just don’t put yourself at unnecessary risk. Even if romance is lacking, everything will be fine as long as you and your man share the same values.

Now is the time to pursue your creative talents so they make you money (or at least add to your income) – which is great news as the Full Moon is all to do with revising your finances. Be resourceful in increasing your bank balance, and don’t expect your partner to bring in the cash. This will add to your feelings of self-worth. Your love life is romantic, passionate and enjoyable – it’s a powerful bond.

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