Weekly Horoscopes 19 February – 25 February 2018

It’s a quiet week for the stars, so take a deep breath and relax

It’s a quiet week for the stars, so take a deep breath and relax. However, the square aspects between Mars and Venus, Neptune and Mercury can bring out some tense and emotional reactions. Be sensitive and understanding and as creative as you can be – the lovely trine between the Pisces Sun and the Cancer Moon on Sunday will help bring peace and tranquillity.


Don’t let your career aspirations be in conflict with family issues – and certainly don’t over-react. Cooperate with everyone – just don’t be walked over!


You want to show just how much you love and support everyone, but not everything is as it seems. Instead of worrying and feeling sorry for yourself, stay positive – clarity will come next week.


Don’t fret if everything is at a standstill. You can’t move forward if you don’t have sufficient financial resources, so call in money owed to you, and work out a proper budget.


Avoid confrontation of any kind as Mars is in a fractious mood, causing you to doubt your talents. Legal issues aren’t going your way this week – wait for a few days.


Avoid conflict wherever you can – but don’t let others’ influence sway you from your core beliefs. Art and music bring peace on Sunday.


Focus your intense emotions on your creative talents rather than your social life. Be aware that any kind of over-indulgence will be particularly hazardous this week.


Are you being honest with yourself? Does your current relationship live up to your dreams? Are you expecting too much from everyone, including your family? You’ll see clearly from Sunday.


Give yourself time to relax if you’ve been doing too much, otherwise you could fall victim to a mishap. Having a break from chasing your ambitions will also get your health back on track.


Think about your life – and ask yourself if you’re using your talents and powerful imagination to paint your life as you want it to be. But you still need to be practical with money!


Everything seems to be too much as you rush around sorting out family problems while your home is in chaos. Relax! The trine between the Sun and the Moon brings welcome peace.


Being a visionary is great – but when you think in a practical way you can easily persuade others to go along with your ideas. This week, however, you’ll be better working on your own.


Be very careful with your finances. Your judgment isn’t very good this week, so your bank balance could seriously depleted. Reality will return next week!

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