Weekly Horoscopes 18 - 24 June 2018

The Sun moves into Cancer, encouraging more time with your family❤️

The Winter Solstice on 21 June is the shortest day of the year with the longest nights – the perfect time to snuggle up with hot chocolate, a good book and your SO. The Sun also moves into Cancer, encouraging more time with your family, especially those you haven’t seen in a while… As Cancer rules the breasts, take this opportunity for an examination and perhaps a mammogram. Be aware that Neptune in its own sign of Pisces moves retrograde, so don’t take everything at face value – stay as realistic as you can, prioritize and stay focused. Keep reading for your weekly horoscopes 18-24 June 2018.


Be more caring perhaps than usual, make your family and domestic scene your priority. Your generosity is noticed – which doesn’t mean you have to be extravagant! Stick to core values.


Your caring and nurturing, though welcome, can become cloying if you aren’t careful – mix with groups and friends to give you a wider perspective and avoid becoming over emotional.


Have you finished everything you set out to do on your last birthday? Now is the time to look at the past year, complete projects and upgrade your goals. Love yourself as well as your SO…


Welcome family and close friends even if they are intruding on your ‘ME’ time… You’ll meet and make new friends while strengthening old ties too. Is your intuition accurate?


The focus is on your career and other goals – are you achieving? Are you prioritising? Do you need to change course? It is up to you to make it all happen by being self-reliant.


Plan that overseas trip you’ve dreamed about – it’s time for action or, at the very least, to set your goals. Be generous with your time towards close friends and family – and your SO.


Family connections could well enhance your bank balance – but being financially independent will bring even more benefits… A family or property matter could leave you confused.


No matter how strong and independent you are, you can ask for help and cooperation… And you’ll get it too from friends, family and associates. You’ll have luck in legal matters too.


The Cancer Sun is encouraging you to be more caring and empathic – but do you treat yourself with kindness too? Your health will benefit from a beauty treatment…


The start of a month to be self-indulgent, to have fun and do whatever gives you pleasure… Romance is waiting, your luck improves and your creative talents increase… Go on – enjoy!


Your focus is your family, relationships and your domestic scene – and they are all giving as much love and support as they can. Just don’t go into ‘poor me’ self-pity mode when alone…


Communication is the key – as long as you stay upbeat, ready to share information and ideas with colleagues as well as family. Be cautious about a new friend or business associate.

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