Weekly Horoscopes 18 – 24 December 2017

Let friendship and love rule as you bring enjoyment and pleasure to everyone around you.

It’s not just the shops that are busy – the heavens are full of movement too, starting with the fiery Sagittarian New Moon. Saturn moves into Capricorn, suggesting the tightening of laws and security, and taking responsibility for yourself and your achievements. On the 21st – the Summer Solstice – the Sun also moves into Capricorn. By Christmas Eve, Mercury will no longer be retrograde, so hopefully travel this Christmas will be safer than usual. Let friendship and love rule as you bring enjoyment and pleasure to everyone around you.

Money could be a worry – if you have enough time and energy to follow through on everything you’ve been planning. Sit down, relax and make a list of what still needs to be done and bought – and then remember to stick to your budget! Everyone knows you’re generous, but Saturn and the Sun moving into Capricorn will bring self-discipline and opportunities to improve your finances. Love? Don’t rationalise – just let it happen.

On the 20th, your personal planet Saturn moves into your own sign, as does the Sun a day later. This brings patience and success in overcoming obstacles. Your self-confidence will soar as your plans come to fruition, so take pride in everything you do, get motivated and give in to you generous nature. You can expect a festive season Christmas – and a fresh burst of energy in preparation for 2018. 

As Saturn and the Sun move into Capricorn, this is your cue to consider the past year and its influence on your life. Spend time with friends and family rather than on your own – although you’ll still need to recharge your batteries. The more excitement and affection you show your guy and your loved ones, the more fun you’ll have. Then you’ll be strong and ready for a festive break – and for the new year. 

With Saturn and the Sun moving into Capricorn, you thrive on challenges. Make sure your holiday plans are realistic so you don’t waste your energy – although with everyone around you supporting you, there’s no reason why any plans should fail. If you’re involved in community projects and charity work, now is the time to apply your counselling skills. Just wait for them to ask!

You want your loved ones to acknowledge your brilliant planning and leadership qualities, and all the hard work you’ve put in to make this time special for everybody. But don’t be too controlling: let family members and your SO have their say and do their bit this Christmas. It’s a time for giving – and a time to compromise and hide any negative feelings you might have about not getting exactly what you want. 

After a busy year, you might feel the need to get away right now, perhaps to spend quality time with your guy or family in an exotic resort. Whether or not you travel, your whole life feels like a journey – and this is the time to get in touch with your spirituality, especially in matters of love. Your life with your man is being transformed in a profound way – this will be a magical Christmas.

You’re quite intense RN, despite your love relationship being better than usual. Don’t dig too deep or try to control everything – but don’t just keep things shallow and airy either. Both extremes could impact negatively on your relationships and business partnerships, especially if finance is involved, so balance is needed. Partnership is also key this Christmas – and it will be fun!

Your love relationship is hitting a new high as your vitality and joy make your guy feel great. Ask yourself whether you really do love him – or whether it’s just a case of not wanting to be alone. You’re a strong woman, so don’t let anyone control you. As long as your heart is open to giving and receiving love, your Christmas will shine – and so will 2018. 

This festive season seems to create a lot of work for you – but planning and confidently getting everyone to carry out your instructions is just how you like things. You thrive on ideas and instinctively know what will make Christmas fun. Take time to rest or have a makeover, and you’ll be ready to enjoy the break with your family and SO.

As Saturn and the Sun move into Capricorn, your time will be filled with things you love – although you could go overboard in the control department to ensure that everything is done just so. This isn’t a bad thing if it means an increase in pleasure, fun and romance with your SO. You’re even more creative than usual, so let the love energy flow for a festive season to remember.

Having family and friends in your home is special for you – this is where you feel safe, secure and powerful. Whether it’s a mansion or a wooden chalet, your personal touch will inspire everyone around you and make for great Christmas spirit. You have some interesting ideas too – just share them before you implement them so everyone can feel appreciated and give their input. 

You may be on the road this Christmas, but with Mercury no longer retrograde, travel is safer than usual. Even so, take care. Your competitive spirit is strong and your ideas could take you into community affairs, even if you’re usually reluctant to take the lead. Your guy will enjoy your sexy spirit – but let him have some say in what’s happening, too.

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