Weekly Horoscopes 13 – 19 November 2017

The New Moon in Scorpio adds a huge dollop of passion to everything you do

Before the New Moon at the end of the week, the conjunction of Venus with Jupiter brings matters of love to a head. Despite making you extremely attractive, both planets are in Scorpio – so watch out for jealousy, suspicion and being overly possessive, especially as the Mercury/Neptune square confuses everything. The New Moon in Scorpio adds a huge dollop of passion to everything you do – your SO will love it!



Deal with Venus and Jupiter in your own sign by bringing more fun and joy into your relationships with your guy, colleagues, friends and family – and by not over-reacting to misunderstandings or letting your imagination run wild. Jealousy should be avoided at all costs! The New Moon in Scorpio is warning you to be cautious about financial deals too.



Venus conjunct your personal planet Jupiter suggests you’re making progress – but that you should keep important plans to yourself, especially if they involve your love life. Listen to strong intuition to help you decide who actively supports you, who really needs your help and who is just using your generosity. Venus and Neptune urge you to look at your domestic scene, with emphasis on decorating and renovations.



Spreading happiness and love will help you achieve your personal aspirations, and will add excitement to all areas of your life. Family matters and your domestic life take on a new energy and could easily encourage a change of scene. Be ready to take on new responsibilities at work too, and join groups that will further your career goals. The New Moon is adding huge dollops of passion and romance.



Your personal planet Uranus conjunct Saturn urges you to see how you can use your energy and self-confidence to boost your earnings and stimulate your prospects. Venus and Jupiter are working together to put you in the spotlight, so show your charm and willingness to cooperate. Show interest in what others have to say but don’t wait in the shadows – this is your time to show yourself off!



Luck is with you in everything you do this week. You have the opportunity to travel, make contact with people from different cultures, and widen your horizons through learning new skills. You’re strong, but don’t come across in a negative way, especially towards your guy. You can be anything you want and have everything you want – so let the Scorpio New Moon transform your life for the better.



Finances should be top of your agenda, especially if you have shared accounts or are involved in a partnership with joint assets. The prospects are looking good, as long as you’re not extravagant. Think carefully before you decide it’s time to go it alone – a little prudence is necessary before you embrace new ideas. A practical solution is needed in your romantic life too.



With your personal planet Venus conjunct Jupiter in your house of relationships, what better time to get engaged – or enter a business partnership? Think of your guy’s needs as well as the legal implications of any joint venture. Others may get jealous of your good fortune, but you don’t have to let it affect your life. Think commitment rather than drama – and enjoy this very special time.



As Venus and Jupiter work together, this is the ideal time to beautify your work space, mend disagreements with colleagues and generally make your working day as pleasant as possible. Your health will improve too, so take time for yourself and exercise outside in the fresh air. When you feel beautiful, your love and sex life get a boost – and the Scorpio New Moon will add to the passion.



This week is all about the pursuit of pleasure and things that give you a boost, whether that’s romance, fun or a new adventure. Over-indulgence in everything is very probable – so think before you drink too much, eat too many chocolates or take unnecessary risks. You’re at your most attractive right now – a magnet for passion and intensity.



Repairing broken family matters and upgrading your domestic space is the focus of Venus conjunct Jupiter. Stuff you’ve tried to ignore will come to the surface but don’t fret: just use your innate charm and enthusiasm to address it. Legal matters can be sorted out now, especially if they involve property deals or a new venture. Caution in love is recommended – before you jump in, or end a feisty affair.



Take this opportunity to put your latest plan or aspiration out there. The conjunction of Venus with Jupiter makes your charm extremely persuasive – you’ll easily talk everyone around to your way of thinking. Social events are great fun so say yes to every opportunity. Your SO benefits from your humour and charm, but make sure his feelings are real and not just a part of your wish list.



Your personal planet Venus is conjunct Jupiter, which can be dangerous for your bank account. Easy come, easy go is one way of dealing – but a better way is to invest carefully and conserve what you have. Even your love life is subject to change if you chase the unusual so listen to Saturn’s cautionary vibe. The Scorpio New Moon adds a new level of intensity and passion to your love life.

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