Weekly Horoscopes: 12-18 June

What do the stars have in store for you?

Mercury trines positive Jupiter but also squares Neptune, before conjuncting the Sun and opposing Saturn, which is trying hard to keep everyone patient and stable. So this week is a mixed bag of ideas, feelings and confusion, with nobody quite certain what to think or believe. Neptune is getting ready to move retrograde on the 16th, when you’ll have to distinguish between truth and delusion – including self-delusion.


The outcome of Mercury’s different aspects seems to be happy confusion. The fact that it’s in your own sign suits you – but you need a clear head to focus on one thing at a time and maintain control. The Sun opposing Saturn isn’t helping your relationships, especially if you’re trying to make life-changing decisions. Neptune moving retrograde on Saturday is inspiring – don’t start doubting yourself!


Mercury in Gemini is difficult for you, setting off too many aspects. Keep personal information to yourself for now – even your usually reliable intuition could be misleading, so be very sure of your decisions before you tell everyone about them. The good news? Your creative talents are sharper than ever, and your love life is intense, exciting and filled with mutual stimulation.


The week begins with interesting ideas and schemes that have the attention and approval of everyone around you. However, Neptune is questioning whether you’re resourceful enough to handle day-to-day problems, especially when it comes to money. Don’t doubt yourself – you can succeed in meeting your targets. The Sun opposite Saturn encourages you to look for a stable relationship rather than quick one-nighters.


Your ambitions are the focus of Mercury’s different aspects this week, with the domestic scene and family needing attention as well. While long-term prospects look good, it seems that everyone is watching you, ready to pounce on the slightest error or mishap. Expect delays in property transactions – don’t lose your cool! A misunderstanding with your guy will soon be cleared up if you’re patient.


Neptune moving retrograde urges you to check exactly what’s expected of you at work so you can avoid uncertainty, arguments and stress. Travel with your guy is very well starred – just get your car serviced, and be prepared for minor frustrations. If you’re single, there’s a chance of unexpectedly meeting the one you’ve been waiting for because your sex appeal is thriving.


You have great inner strength and intuitive powers, which will help you overcome any problems. The Sun makes you question what’s really important and urges you to be vigilant about your finances. If you’ve been neglecting any relationships, now is the time to mend broken bridges. Your love life is looking very romantic and extremely sexual – just remember to consider your guy’s needs too.


Your relationships look very confusing as Mercury is in happy aspect to Jupiter but in not-so-happy aspect to Neptune. This could lead to family and domestic issues. The Sun and Mercury oppose Saturn, telling you to be honest and open, and stop blaming others for your problems. Intense passion rules your sex life – your BF is a lucky man! Single? You could have an unexpected romantic meeting. 


The more you try to keep on top of things, the more mistakes and misunderstandings seem to stand in your way. Neptune moving retrograde encourages you to ask for help rather than attempt to do everything yourself. Mars and Venus bring exciting physical passion – let your creative talents guide you and your guy. Who knows where it will take your relationship?


Your enthusiasm and creative talents take you places you hadn’t thought possible, but then Neptune moves retrograde and comes into difficult aspect to Mercury and the Sun. This suggests that if you miss out on important facts, you could lose money – and it makes it difficult for you to stick to your principles. Slow down – in your love life too, where romance versus commitment is the question.


Domestic bliss and marriage are probable right now as romance turns to passionate commitment – but beware of Neptune moving retrograde and in difficult aspect to both Mercury and the Sun. Whatever happens, don’t fall into the self-pity trap. Listen to what others have to say but make your own decisions after carefully considering all possibilities, rather than rushing into a situation you’ll regret.


Your personal planet Mars, in good aspect to Venus, adds to domestic bliss and new ideas for joint ventures. But Neptune, already in difficult aspect to Mercury and the Sun, moves retrograde, making it difficult to figure out who to trust. Your intuition is not as reliable as usual, so work on facts gleaned from as many places as possible, and take legal advice if necessary. Love is both romantic and supportive.


Your finances are looking good thanks to the smart way you save and invest. But Neptune is moving retrograde, so expect some hiccups. Prepare to slow down, and be cautious about new associations and friends, so you make solid progress rather than quick gains. Also make sure to collect what’s owed to you! A love partnership brings solid assets along with intense and long-lasting passion.

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