Weekly Horoscopes 09 - 15 July 2018

Think before you speak…

A complicated week in the heavens…  Everyone will be over sensitive to undercurrents and probably dramatise everything, so it’s important you think before you speak. Venus moves into Virgo, encouraging everyone to expect perfection regarding relationships and money. Luckily Jupiter will no longer be retrograde so good luck and fortune will return. The New Moon (partial solar eclipse and Super Moon) and the Sun are both opposing intense Pluto.  Phew! But what do the stars have in-stor for you in your weekly Horoscopes 09 – 15 July 2018?

Here Are Your Weekly Horoscopes 09 – 15 July 2018


You’ll be ultra-sensitive to every comment as well as the undercurrents. Don’t complain if love and money aren’t up to your expectations as relationships are extremely intense – wait before you start anything new. Luck is on its way.


It’s best to stay away from everyone! Work alone, don’t expect your colleagues to be as perfectionistic as you are – avoid jealous outbursts with colleagues… Luckily your love and family relationships get a huge boost.


You expect everyone to be as perfect and precise as you are – this could upset your colleagues as well as your SO… Use your great communication skills to keep the peace by being sensitive to everyone’s needs.


A secret love affair won’t help in the long-term – even if it’s exciting now… A good reputation is vital if you want to reach your long-term goals and benefit from the financial stability which is within your grasp.


You want to be appreciated by your associates, colleagues and friends – and have their loyalty and support.  But if you nag or criticise them, then you can expect the opposite. Long term you can do / be anything you like. Go for it!


Loosen up a bit? You are noticed by those with influence so use charm and co-operation rather than perfection. The help you give to everyone is finally appreciated – and returned to you when you need it.


Your SO is important, but showing jealousy works against you – rather keep quiet! Focus on your own infinite inner power. You have financial luck through those who appreciate your help, energy and enthusiasm.


Happiness comes through sharing, partnership and investments. Don’t criticise, but express your ideas and opinions in a strong, constructive way – they could change your life. Sex? Who’s in charge?


A relationship has real meaning when it flourishes on love, not criticism… Bring romance and loads of fun and laughter to the mix, especially if it has been lacking recently – you’ll both see the difference.


You look fantastic and can make yourself even more beautiful with a new hair style or other beauty treatment – your man will love it. Your domestic scene improves when you sort out old resentments or misunderstandings.


Despite being focussed on home and career, give yourself some fun and pleasure too – it’ll lighten your spirit and do your relationship good. A new idea or scheme stimulates your mind – and may need your time.


Give your family and home some time and attention, even if it adds to your responsibilities. This means you need to take extra care of your health… Shopping? Buy a luxury item that increases in value. Avoid cheap bling.

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