Your Horoscope for the Week of September 2

Everything you need to know for the upcoming week.

In this week’s horoscope, Wednesday aligns our thoughts and actions with facts and reality. Saturday helps us see both the possibility and perspective and Sunday helps us stabilize our energy into responsible action.


On Wednesday, work hard to align your thoughts, language, and behaviour toward health and wellness. Your dreams and hunches on Saturday give you clues about your future success, so pay attention. Then, your routine stabilizes on Sunday so you can continue slaying at work.


Vulnerability isn’t a weakness. Don’t be afraid to be emotionally exposed on Wednesday—identify your feelings, and take action on them! Spend time with friends who appreciate your tenderness and sensitivities on Saturday, and expect an ‘ah-ha!’ moment on Sunday that helps you feel proud of your vulnerability.


On Wednesday, think about “home,” identify the things that make you feel most secure, and make decisions based on that. Confusing thoughts about career and work could arrive on Saturday, so be sceptical. If you align with partners you trust, a sexy Sunday could keep the summer heat alive.


Be upfront and specific about what you’re thinking and feeling on Wednesday—straight talk leads to straight understanding. The tension between the present and future arrives on Saturday, so stay calm and mindful. Then, on Sunday, disclose your expectations to romantic partners.


Stay mindful and responsible when it comes to your finances, especially on Wednesday—avoid impulse spending. Discuss any money concerns with another person on Saturday who gets it. You’ll be calmer by Sunday and have a game plan to continue making bank.


On Wednesday, the universe gifts you with self-transformation in whatever area of your life you want to change. Romantic differences make you nervous on Saturday but sit with discomfort and the unknown. Sunday inspires you to take action around a creative, confidence-building idea.


On Wednesday, release anything holding you back from becoming your highest, brightest self. Saturday gives you an idea that’s spiritual and physical to improve your quality of life—act on it! Sunday motivates you to find the people and places that feel like home.


Wednesday’s social, joyful energy inspires you to connect with your ride-or-dies. Have a wild night of adventure and laughter! Saturday continues the good vibes, especially if you hit up an artistic event. And you’ll be more chatty on Sunday, so if it’s time to catch up with an old friend, give them a call!


Your career is about to change on Wednesday, thanks to your being candid about what your dreams are and making decisions based on that honesty. On Saturday, you may have to clear up some fears around chasing these goals, but by Sunday you’ll have the confidence to invest in yourself with a plan.


On Wednesday, you’ll be looking to explore and educate yourself with new places and opportunities. Just don’t forget the small stuff on Saturday—the details need some of your attention. Your brilliant strategies for wanderlust and academics arrive on Sunday.


Sexual chemistry arrives like a heatwave on Wednesday, so pursue pleasure for pleasure’s sake and enjoy it, and it continues on Saturday with even more sensuality and down-and-dirty play. Sunday inspires you to clear up intimacy issues and any fears of commitment.


A powerful alignment in your relationship sector helps you think, speak, and pursue love in a more clear, linear direction. Saturday changes the way you think about romances, so be open to a surprise—especially if Sunday makes you look at a friend more like they’re a lover.

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