Your Horoscope for the Week of October 7

Everything you need to know for the upcoming week.


Your horoscope for this week: Relationship dynamics are about to get deeper when Venus enters Scorpio on Tuesday, and intimacy, loyalty, and meaningful sexual experiences will rise to the top of the universe’s itinerary. Be prepared for a romantic surprise on Saturday when Venus opposes Uranus. Sunday’s full moon in Aries allows us to pursue our desires and dreams with bravery and success.


Venus supercharges your sexuality and intimacy this Thursday. Switch up your sexual practices on Saturday to breathe new life into the bedroom. Your annual full moon is on Sunday which allows you to showcase your best Aries qualities: bravery, passion, power, confidence, and leadership!


Venus begins a romantic season for you when she enters your “opposites attract” sector. Release control and certainty on Saturday to be surprised. A full moon in your closure zone on Sunday allows you to let go of all low-level things preventing you from being your highest and brightest!


Venus enters your health, responsibility, and wellness sector on Tuesday so you can glow up. On Saturday, be decisive and cut a bad habit permanently. A social full moon on Sunday inspires you to reunite with your ride or dies, empower one another, and celebrate how far you’ve come together!


Venus enters your confidence and charisma zone on Tuesday. Go out with your friends on Saturday since those relationships will build you up. Then, a full moon in your career sector on Sunday inspires you to own your power, step into your leadership, and motivate others on the job.


Venus enters your emotional exposure zone so you’ll be inspired to share your feelings. Try to balance work and life as best you can on Saturday by tending to whatever’s been ignored. A full moon in your travel sector on Sunday wants you to take a trip. Bon voyage!


Venus enters your communication sector, inspiring you to listen more carefully and to speak more honestly. Follow what piques your curiosity on Saturday for a surprise. A full moon in your intimacy and sexuality zone on Sunday makes the weekend passionate, powerful, and healing.


Venus is giving you birthday cash when it enters your income zone on Tuesday. Try to be spontaneous and responsible with your money on Saturday. A full moon in your love and romance sector on Sunday invites a new relationship, deepens the one you’re in, or helps you find closure.


Venus enters your sign and makes you irresistible with glamour and confidence. Try to connect differently with romantic suitors on Saturday for better results. A full moon in your health and wellness sector on Sunday wants you to end a pattern and begin a new habit that improves your life quality.


Venus enters your completion sector on Tuesday, setting you free from stories and people from the past, and a breakthrough moment on Saturday helps the effort. A full moon in your confidence, creativity, and joy zone on Sunday helps you ride off into the sunset passionately toward a happier life.


Venus enters your platonic connection zone on Tuesday, blurring the lines between romance and friendship. Uplift your friends on Saturday, and you’ll find that it also makes you feel better about yourself. A full moon in your home and emotion zone on Sunday is sure to make you tender, so don’t be afraid to express it.


Venus enters your work zone on Tuesday, helping your social relationships, and then you’ll experience an “ah-ha!” moment around work on Saturday. A full moon in your negotiation sector on Sunday helps you analyze accurately, speak more specifically, and listen carefully.


Venus enters your travel sector on Tuesday, inspiring you to connect to suitors who are extremely different from you. Switch up your communication style on Saturday to move a connection forward. A full moon in your income zone on Sunday attracts more financial security and literacy—let it rain!

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