Your horoscope for the week of March 8

Everything you need to know for the upcoming week.


This week’s horoscope: Monday brings us a Full Moon in Virgo, which only happens once a year. On that day, the zodiac will get a full-circle moment on Virgo matters like wellness, mental health, kindness, and organization. Also on Monday, Mercury Retrograde ends in Aquarius. We’re finally moving forward, taking the lessons we learned over the past few weeks with us.


Doctor’s orders, Ram! Monday’s Full Moon in Virgo inspires a check-up to make sure your health is in order, just in time for your birthday festivities coming up. Mercury moves direct on Monday in your community, friendship, and social space. It’s time to extend an olive branch to any friends you’ve been fighting with. Mercury Retrograde is over, and so is your beef.


*Backstreet Boys voice* That makes you larger than life, Taurus. Monday’s Full Moon in Virgo boosts your confidence and inspires you to share your story. Scary, I know—but you’re brave. You got this! Mercury moves direct in your work sector on Monday, so you’ll be feeling brighter than ever. Get involved in a new project at work, and you’ll see results.


Home, sweet home, Gemini! A Full Moon in Virgo on Monday inspires you to check in with the people and places that feel like home. Be vulnerable if you have to. Mercury moves direct in your intelligence and travel sector, indicating that it’s time to expand your horizons—whether that means buying a planet ticket or opening a book.


Use your words, Cancer! Monday’s Full Moon in Virgo helps you discover the unsaid and speak your emotions carefully to people who need to hear it. On the same day, Mercury moves direct in your sexuality and truth-telling sector, helping you share your truth in powerful ways. If you feel something, say something!


Make that money, Leo! A Full Moon in your Virgo-ruled income sector on Monday is helping you make serious coin. Reframe the way you approach finances for supercharged results. Mercury moves direct on Monday in your romantic sector, helping you find a compromise, apology, and forgiveness with current or past lovers.


Happy half-birthday, Virgo! Monday’s Full Moon is in your honour and it inspires you to review where you’d like your life to go next. Express the best of your intelligence, curiosity, humour, and adaptability to make it happen faster. On Monday, your ruling planet moves direct in your wellness and routine sector, helping you get as healthy and organized as possible.


Move along, Libra. A Full Moon in your Virgo ruled completion sector on Monday is helping you find closure where you need it. If something stops you from being your best self, you can lovingly let it go. Mercury will give you a confidence boost when it moves direct on Monday. If you could use some extra glamour and flirty fun, it’ll be yours.


Take it to the streets, Scorpio! Monday’s Full Moon in your Virgo-ruled activism and friendship sector wants you to fight for a cause you’re passionate about with others who want to help you. Mercury moves direct in your emotionally-charged home and family zone, which will restore your emotional safety and help you establish boundaries.


Gotta get up, Sag! A Full Moon in your Virgo-ruled career sector helps you thrive at the office. If you need a career change, it’s coming, so stay focused! On Monday, Mercury moves direct in your communication sector, restoring your verbal and cognition skills as well as your curiosity and passion.


Ciao, Cappy! A Full Moon in your Virgo-ruled travel sector wants you to catch flights, feelings, and passport stamps. Expand your life, whether that means going on a physical journey or an intellectual one. Enjoy! On Monday, Mercury moves direct in your income zone. If you’ve been stressed more than usual about finances, the worst is behind you—and the wealth is now in front of you!


What intimacy issues, Aquarius? A Full Moon in Virgo on Monday helps you see where you tend to self-sabotage in relationships. It’s also charged with intimacy and sex appeal, so pursue your pleasures! Mercury moves direct in Aquarius on Monday, too, removing the headaches, word blunders, and atypical antisocial feelings you’ve been having recently.


Ready for love, Pisces? A Full Moon in Virgo on Monday is helping you attract A+ romantic outcomes during *your* season, especially with a cutie very different from you. Mercury moves direct in your intuition zone on Monday, restoring the gut-feelings and psychic ways that help you navigate life’s complexities.

This horoscope post first appeared on Cosmopolitan US.

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