Your horoscope for the week of March 29th

Everything you need to know for the upcoming week.


This week’s horoscope: Power to the people! Passionate Mars enters community-organizing Aquarius on Monday and stays there until May 13th, helping the zodiac take inspired action on social causes they care about it. Venus enters chatty Gemini on Friday until August 7th, so schedule those FaceTime dates!


HBD, Aries! Mars entering Aquarius on Monday gets you fired up on activist issues while all eyes are on you. On Friday, Venus enters your Gemini-ruled communication zone, helping you experiment with and even enjoy all the different digital ways you can communicate with your crushes and romantic partners.


You’re glowing, Taurus! Mars enters your Aquarius-ruled career sector on Monday, so your ambition and drive to succeed is off the charts. Get deep with your romantic partner and talk about what you value and cherish together when Venus enters Gemini on Friday.


You can still “travel,” Gemini! Mars enters Aquarius on Monday helping you visit new places in your imagination and learning platforms. Read a book, watch a doc, scroll years back into an Instagram location tag. Venus enters your sign on Friday, which will totally change your relationship status in a way you’re dreaming of. Be your boldest, bravest, and most intelligent self.


Things are heating up inside your shell, Cancer. Mars enters your Aquarius-ruled sexuality zone on Monday. You’ll want to safely pursue sexual pleasure for pleasure’s sake. Need closure? Venus enters your Gemini-ruled completion zone, helping you set yourself free from people who don’t deserve you.


Love is a battlefield, Leo! Mars enters your Aquarius-ruled romantic sector, helping you ask for what you want. You’ll find that win/win with your partners, so you can give them what they desire, too. Venus enters your Gemini-ruled friendship zone on Friday, blurring the lines between lover and friend. Make ‘em the best of both!


Your routine is a ritual, Virgo! Mars sets fire to your Aquarius-ruled wellness sector, helping you work on your physical, emotional, and mental health by taking your morning routine seriously. Venus enters your Gemini-ruled career zone on Friday, reminding you that the quality of your work relationships influences your success.


Vulnerability is a superpower, Libra! Mars enters your Aquarius-ruled emotional exposure zone on Monday, helping you find strength in expressing your feels. It’ll be scary and messy, but you’ll feel better afterwards. Venus enters your Gemini-ruled expansion zone on Friday, helping you find chemistry with someone who isn’t your typical type.


Feeling good, Scorpio? Mars enters your Aquarius staycation sector on Monday, which means you’ll be enjoying your alone time, using it to strengthen your emotional safety and catch up on your to-do list. Venus enters your Gemini-ruled intimacy zone on Friday, which turns up passion and sexual chemistry.


It’s all about your words, Sag! Mars enters your Aquarius-ruled communication zone on Monday, helping you use language to create firmer boundaries and closer connections. Venus enters your Gemini-ruled relationship zone on Friday, inviting in a new partner, deepening your bond with your current S.O., or helping you gently end an on-again, off-again situationship.


Get that cash, Cappy. Mars enters your Aquarius-ruled income zone on Monday, helping you find brilliant ways to receive the financial security you’re desiring. Venus enters your Gemini-ruled details sector on Friday, inspiring you to pay closer attention to love. You’ll notice who really helps you feel known and seen.


You’re on fire, Aquarius! Mars enters your sign on Monday, giving you extra enthusiasm, sex appeal, resilience, and the strength to make your dreams come true. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want! Venus enters your Gemini-ruled confidence and intelligence sector on Friday, helping you see your brain as your most powerful asset.


Let it go, Pisces. Mars enters your Aquarius-ruled completion zone, helping you take initiative towards setting yourself free from bad habits. Venus enters your Gemini-ruled emotional safety zone on Friday, making you long for romantic partners who make you feel like home.

This horoscope post first appeared on Cosmopolitan US.

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